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jueany objections? ->
prologicnot particularly05:25
Romsterwhy only on the first tty and not all of them?06:35
jaegerso you can see rc startup messages if anything failed07:37
jaegerno objections here07:38
frinnstyeah I already run that on my systems, so +1 :)08:19
frinnstjaeger did you ever try i3?08:23
frinnstI gave it a go yesterday but i've never really used tile windowmanagers before and it didnt work with my workflow08:24
frinnstinterested to hear what you thought about it, or anybody else thats run it for that matter08:25
horrorStrucki dont use i3 but dwm since years. i think the problem is you "gave it a go yesterday" only :) i'd say it's like discovering something like vim, you really need to learn how to use / get used to it to really appreciate it.09:17
horrorStruckand i also use --noclear :P09:18
jueok, thanks :)09:32
juefrinnst: I'm with horrorStruck, you need more than one day to get familiar with a tiling wm09:33
jueusing spectrwm since quite some time and tested i3 lately, it's very nice too09:35
jaegerfrinnst: I tried it, yes. I don't generally use tiling WMs but I found it interesting. I used it for a couple days but I'm not switching to it full-time09:44
jaegerI do think it takes more than a day or two to really get comfortable with a new one09:44
frinnstabsolutely. I found it quite painful to use with virtual machines that steals your keybindings and such09:57
frinnstand it required two hands on the keyboard to move stuff around as opposed to just one hand on the mouse :)10:02
jaegerterrible, hehe10:04
horrorStruckguys i'm sure i've read guidelines WRT handling core dependencies in Pkgfiles in the past but can't find it anymore, anyone? TIA10:05
jueRomster: nothing is written to the other ones at system start, so it doesn't matter if we use --noclear or not10:06
horrorStruckjue: thanks! is this link available in the handbook somewhere?10:07
juenot sure, but there's a link from the 'Development' page10:09
horrorStruckah OK, thanks10:09
frinnstmike_k: claws-mail seem broken with 2.8/3.010:16
horrorStruckhow to send RFCs for the handbook, patches?10:17
mike_kfrinnst: thanks. I am totally behind recent crux releases. will try to look into that asap.10:17
frinnstseems to be related to gnutls10:18
mike_krebuilding both in the right order helps sometimes. probably a newer release will fix that10:19
frinnstthink its fixed with the latest release of claws10:20
juehorrorStruck: bug tracker, category doc?10:20
frinnsto Fix build with gnutls 3.1.310:20
horrorStruckjue: OK thanks10:20
* horrorStruck feels dumb but puts it on the beer10:21
frinnstmike_k: yep, simple versionbump fixes it10:21
mike_kfrinnst: ack10:21
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Romsterjue +1 then15:17
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