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frinnstgtk3 is not included on the iso, right?17:34
frinnstim bumping this piece of shit to 3.6 :)17:34
frinnst(2 new deps)17:34
jaegerit's not, correct17:40
frinnstpushed to 3.017:47
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horrorStruckxorg-server 1.13.1 had md5sum mismatch, most likely due to
Romsteri was gonna bump that the other day but i was too tired out of it to feel like doing that.19:32
Romsteri'm fone now but someone bet me to it which is fine.19:33
horrorStruckhi Romster19:36
Romsterhi horrorStruck19:38
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Romsterhi horrorStruck20:00
Romsterthat was a bad netsplit...20:01
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horrorStruckyep, what's up? enjoying the weekend?20:07
Romsteryeah was meant to be working but that got canceled20:09
Romsterconsidering i got left at the shop on my ownw ith about 30 phone calls and customers int he shop i was about ready to just go f'off lock the shop and leave.20:10
Romsterstill got crap on some customers no internet since the telstra fire20:10
horrorStruckyou make extra bucks when you work on saturdays?20:11
Romsteryeah it's a differnt job though, sound and lighting gear for bands20:11
Romstersetup run packup usually some free drinks and accomodation and sometimes dinner is thrown in for free too20:11
horrorStruckoh i thought you were talking about the shop20:12
Romsternot a lot of money but it's enjoyable work, pretty easy for me, over 10 years expeareance with live bands20:12
Romsterthat's during the week monday to friday20:12
Romsteri dont' work weekends at the shop20:12
horrorStruckok got it now20:12
Romsterstill tough work but mostly physically than mentaly at the shop20:13
Romsteri had a headache on friday and my midn was numb...20:13
Romsterdoes not help that we are one down on hollidays20:13
Romsteri think i'll be taking some time off after she returns20:13
horrorStruckhow many are you at the shop?20:14
Romsterthat's why i haven't been doing much crux stuff, just to burnt out.20:14
Romsterboss, me and another it guy and the receptionest that's on holidays20:14
horrorStruckah ok, 1 less and it's immediately the rush20:15
Romsteryeah busy time as well as she being afk20:15
Romsterplus the remains of the telstra fire hasn't burned out yey20:15
horrorStruckcrap, on long this has been lasting now?20:16
Romstersince the 22nd of november20:16
Romsteri'm over it by now20:16
horrorStruckgot your dsl back to normal?20:17
Romsterplus random custoemrs internet was working and dropping out when they unplug it formt here mobile excahnge to reroute it in the building.20:17
Romsteryeah its' fine now20:17
Romsterexcept when i first got it back it was upto 8 seconds latency if i opend a web page20:18
Romsterelse it hovereda round 400ms20:18
Romsterbut now it's back to normal, except a couple of 30 minute outages i have noticed in my logs20:18
Romsternot lagging like hell anymore, though i have noticed some net radio streams are constantly buffering which never did20:19
Romsterthis year has not been fun for me...20:19
Romsteranyways i'll bbl after lunch down the street with some mates20:20
horrorStruckok, bon appetit20:20
horrorStruckis there any way to edit the handbook for a modification proposal except editing html files directly?20:21
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Romsterno idea22:19
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