IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-12-15

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juegood morning02:21
juehorrorStruck: the handbook is in our wiki, so diffs in html are useless. I don't see a good solution currently02:23
juehorrorStruck: do you have bigger changes?02:25
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horrorStruckjue: just the merge proposal in FS#86403:27
horrorStruckand good morning/afternoon too BTW03:32
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juefrinnst: at-spi2-core is using /usr/libexec09:39
frinnstah, thanks09:42
juethanks :)09:53
horrorStruckjue: what about plain text file, would that be an option?10:01
jueyep, think it's the best option we have if we want something to discuss before we change the wiki10:04
horrorStruckok, i'll try to prepare soemthing shortly10:05
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jaegerjue: any reason not to merge the latest changes from 2.8 to 3.0? I noticed iproute2's upstream md5sum changed22:29
jaegerok, I did a 2.8 32-bit -> 3.0 upgrade, went quite well. No unexpected issues22:36

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