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Romsterjaeger, could you do that udev fix for cdrom rule to fix the /dev/dvd symlink, you posted the fix i did it on my older 2.7.1 system and it worked but i forget the change for redoing it in 2.801:09
Romstercurrently i'm just manually doing a ln -s /dev/sr0 /dev/dvd so the dvd button in xine-ui works again.01:10
juejaeger: no, will do the merge now02:33
Romsteris down?02:41
RomsterFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at
Romsteroh seems to be just me...02:42
Romster says it's up, i'm just lagging like crap, gonan call my isp tomorrow.02:43
Romstersurely yelstra has fixed the lines by now02:43
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Romsterjue, cups links with e2fsprogs, zlib, krb5 but those are not listed in depends on line.04:00
jueRomster: right, zlib is missing but I don't see e2fsprogs and don't have krb5 installed04:10
jueprobably e2fsprogs is pulled in via krb5?04:11
Romsterkrb5 is probably a soft dep04:11
Romsternot sure i'll check in a chrot04:12
jueit's cause I haven't it installed and cups works ;)04:12
jues/it's/it is/04:13
Romsterseems to use /usr/lib/ our of e2fsprogs on my system04:13
Romsterrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/cups/pkg/usr/share/applications': No such file or directory04:14
Romsterrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/cups/pkg/usr/share/icons': No such file or directory04:14
Romsterhmm missing dep for cups desktop something someting04:14
Romstermay need to do a -f on those two lines04:14
Romsteror not remove them at all.04:15
Romsterhmm yeah seems krb5 pulls in e3fsprogs... nevermind, but you do need to do -rf on rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/{applications,icons}04:17
Romsterand add zlib04:17
jueRomster: you are using a unmodified port?04:17
jueok, will look04:18
Romsterbut i do have krb5 on my system so that makes cups pull in e2fsprogs04:18
Romsterso nevermind that one04:18
juenice --without-{icon,menu}dir works now too04:31
Romsteroh i didn't look for that04:32
juethat works for rcdir but not for the others with older version of cups04:34
jueRomster: btw, fltk is at 1.3.2, using it with dillo, no problems04:37
Romsterk i'll bump that, i'm slowly going though ports i had some rest and relaxation since last week was hell at work04:39
Romsterthanks for the cups fix jue04:40
jueRomster: thanks for the bug-report :)04:44
Romstereven though it was only minor04:45
Romsterjue, this git --global push.default  matching or simple do you know what i should be settng it too?04:47
juewell, I've set it to current04:48
jue[push] default = current04:48
juewith that you push always the branch you are on currently04:50
Romstergit config --global push.default current04:50
Romsteris that correct?04:50
Romsterah i see... yeah makes sense.04:51
Romsterthat should probably be added to the contrib howto?04:52
Romster[push]default = current04:52
jueyeah, wouldn't hurt to add this to the 'Before starting' section04:54
Romsteri don't think i got a login for that wiki...04:56
Romsteror if i did i don't recall my credentals04:56
jueRomster: did it already04:59
jueRomster: please ask teK_ for a new password, he's the wiki admin05:04
Romsterk will do.05:05
Romsterjue, minor thing i just spotted a spelling mistake in cups/README s/shure/sure05:56
Romstershure is a microphone brand.05:57
jueRomster: thx, I know shure, they make good microphones, the SM58 is a legend ;)06:13
Romsternot sure if this is enough to get my canon mp640 to work
Romstersure is and the SM57 too.06:17
Romsterwe use them in our pa rig also got the beta's of them now too.06:17
Romsterconcerned if i need to locate the ppd file or i dont need all that junk for the mp640 and only the ppd file is required.06:17 ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped06:18
Romsterand i might need to use cups as 32bit eek...06:18
Romstergoing by this guide
jueRomster: some canon printers are supported by gutenprint06:23
Romstersays to use cnijfilter06:44
Romsteri'll tr the ppd first seems easier if that works06:45
Romsterls /usr/share/cups/model/06:49
RomsterUnable to add printer:06:49
Romsteri restarted cups after adding that ppd file.06:50
Romstermaybe it's wrong i added " arkanoid" to /etc/hosts06:51
Romsteras hostname is arkanoid06:51
Romsterand it did say unknown host and i remember that fixed it for apache so cups is probably the same.06:52
Romster[CGI] CUPS-Get-Devices request failed with status 500: Connection reset by peer06:54
RomsterConnection from localhost refused by /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny rules. perhaps cupsd: is not enough...06:56
Romsteryeah adding ALL: ALL fixed that but what the heck... don't want to leave it that wide open.06:57
RomsterBad driver information file "/usr/share/cups/model/Canon-PIXMA_MP640.ppd"!07:06
Romsterjust isn't my day07:07
RomsterBad driver information file "/usr/share/cups/drv/cupsfilters.drv"!07:07
Romsterbeats me.07:07
Romsterprobably help if i installed gutenprint07:09
Romsterok closer printer added but i need to recompile gtk now.07:20
Romsterword... it prints now.07:30
Romsteri should of set this thing up ages ago07:31
Romsterstrang that this page only prints one page... seems to be a firefox issue.07:33
jaegerGoing to bootstrap another 3.0 test ISO today08:32
Romsteris there that many changes from a2.8 multilib system?08:49
Romsterjaeger, did you read about that udev cdrom rule for /dev/dvd fix08:50
juejaeger: great, too late to commit new automake?08:50
jaegerjue: no, I can start the bootstrap again. it's only been going for a short while08:54
jaegerRomster: yes, though I'll have to research it again08:54
juejaeger: I'll commit it asap08:55
jaegerRomster: a few significant changes, yes. At least the libpthread-stubs stuff and new ports tree layout08:56
jaegernothing you can't do manually but they do have impact08:56
Romsteri wanted to zap that libpthread-stubs on 2.8 but it was far too much effort09:01
Romsterlibtool slaying was another thing on my mind. should we look into that or is that just too hacky?09:02
Romsterit's ugly having libtool when we have pkg-config09:03
jaegerlibtool slaying seems like a really bad idea on a source distro to me09:04
Romsterdoes that make more sense on a binary distro?09:04
jaegeryes and no09:06
jaegerif you do a lot of compiling it can sometimes help on a binary dist09:06
jaegerif you're using mostly the binary dist's packages, though, it's rarely needed09:07
jaegerso the people who usually get into that situation are either a) maintainers or b) people messing with stuff too much09:07
jaegeron a source dist, on the other hand, you can cause yourself a LOT of grief by doing it09:07
jaegerbreaks a lot of compiles09:07
Romsteri think i fall in a and b :D09:07
Romsteri've been hit with la files linking to non-exestant libs in the past.09:08
Romsterfeels hacky editing those by hand then recompiling.09:08
jaegerI don't bother to edit them unless it's absolutely required, I just rebuild everything in the chain09:09
Romsterdamn it 2am i should get to bed soon09:09
Romsteri've been stuck in a circuler loop with libs before. but it is quite rare.09:10
frinnstwierd, try now10:42
mike_khmm: "find /usr/ports -name Pkgfile | xargs grep setuptools". we can simply change them to "Depends on: distribute". we do not even have setuptools anymore.10:51
mike_kalright, most of those were mine (. aside from strange mysql-python/Pkgfile11:06
mike_kprologic: please, replace 'setuptools' with 'distribute' in trac port11:06
juemike_k: why strange, it just works :)11:51
mike_kjue: np11:51
juebut the 1.2.4 beta4 port I'm using here depends on distribute, so ... ;)11:57
juemike_k: older versions of mysql-python came with an included setuptools, but they removed that sometimes and mysql-python became dependent on setuptools, which was an contrib port, without that trick. That's the reason for the strange port, to avoid the maintainance of another port.12:08
pedjafrinnst: still the
mike_kjue: I see12:27
mike_kno problem with this at all. just grepping revealed that )12:28
frinnstpedja: try again13:14
frinnstok, then someone with root need to fix it13:15
* frinnst slaps jue, jaeger, tek13:16
jaegerwhat's up?13:16
frinnstplease run in opt-x86_6413:16
frinnston, permissions are fucked again13:16
jaegerok, I'll run it13:18
pedjathank you.13:19
prologicmike_k, ok :) I'll update and re-test the latest version while I'm at it!15:13
prologicI still quite like Trac15:13
prologicbut use bitbucket mostly these days15:13
jaeger <-- uploaded another 3.0 ISO19:21
jaegerooh, I should also upload the recompile helper script after I clean it up19:56
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Romsterthat 32bit check script will really throw a wobabbly on a multilib system21:20
Romsterproble wont need to run it in that case, could you make sure pkg-utils has multilib lib32 paths in it too.21:21
Romsterno time to check now.21:21
jaegerthe point of the script is to be run on a system that has been upgraded from 2.8 x86 to 3.0, nothing else21:24
jaegerwith that said, you should not have 32-bit libs in /lib or /usr/lib and probably very few 32-bit binaries in the bin dirs21:25
jaegerI've no idea what a wobabbly is but the script won't cause problems anyway, it makes no changes21:35
jaegerIt reports21:35
jaegerIt'd odd that "pkginfo -o" doesn't work properly on the libstdc++-compat files21:36
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jaegerI guess it has something to do with the pattern matching and the plus symbols21:44
teK_most probably21:44
jaegersame issue with /usr/lib/libncurses++.a21:46
jaegerfor example21:46
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