IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-12-17

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mike_kprologic: I do not use Trac anymore. migrated to Redmine for private projects.01:56
mike_kmaybe it's easier just to drop that port )01:57
Romstereven 2.8 multilib?02:33
Romsteri'd imagine it's only useful for x8602:33
Romsteralso can't revdep do that for you?02:34
Romsteroh i see it detects 32bit libs outside of tyhe lib32 directories, makes sense02:35
Romsterwobbly - inclined to fall apart02:37
Romsterbut it only reports so thats fine02:37
Romsteri thought it would take action on results02:37
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prologicmike_k, maybe :)05:48
juejaeger: looks like the torrent tracker on is down?10:28
jaegerah, the server got rebooted?10:32
jaeger17:32:09 up  8:0310:32
jaegerrestarted it10:32
jueno idea about the reboot10:33
jueI'm really suprised how often our iso was downloaded10:36
juerunning transmission for 2.8 here since the beginning and seeded over 15GB until now10:37
juethat's with an upload limit of 50 kB/s ;)10:38
jaegernice :)10:43
jaegerI've uploaded about 13.9GB with a limit of 32kB/s10:43
jueif we assume that most people prefer a download from a mirror we might have much more users than we thought10:50
juewell, not users, but at least people who tried CRUX10:50
jaegerWould be interesting to try to aggregate some stats from logs, perhaps10:58
jueyeah, indeed11:02
rmullSeeded 18.28:1 ratio for the 2.8 ISO here :)11:04
rmullOnly 4.6G though, with a much higher upload than you guys11:05
jaegernot bad at all :)11:09
juejaeger: just saw it, your script ( looks promising :)11:15
jaegerIt's a rough start, not very robust11:16
jaegerfor example it should probably check if a *-32 port installs binaries but it doesn't do anything that advanced yet11:16
frinnstrsync stats might give a better indication on how many actually run it11:25
frinnstim always surprised when "someone new" emails the ml11:25
frinnsti guess IRC is sort of a bubble :)11:25
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Romsteriproute2 md5sum mismatch seems i got a older file what did they change?19:48
Romsterthis anies me as i have to manually interveen on my dist mirror to remove the old file.19:49
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