IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-12-19

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horrorStruckjue: just saw the -rc1 announce, wouldn't it be good to create the contrib 3.0 branch, newcomers may be confused09:25
juewell, I'm not that much involved with contrib09:33
horrorStruckah OK sorry, it's just that testers will get a rsync error09:34
juecontrib is disabled by default09:35
horrorStruckyeah i know but i would guess it's pretty much common to enable it :)09:36
horrorStruckjust curious, who's handling contrib if i may ask?09:38
jueit's a team effort, but I don't remember who has created the 2.8 branch09:45
horrorStruckOK thanks jue09:45
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jaegerjue: I wonder if we should make xorg-libxxf86misc a dep in xorg-xset - it doesn't seem to be required bit it DOES link if available10:59
jaegerand it IS available during bootstrap11:00
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jaegeror maybe not... hrmm. I don't have it installed in 3.0 but it is linked. will investigate11:01
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jaegerAh, it's installed in the build environment because all of the xorg repo got installed11:03
jaegerand it exists in packages.xorg11:04
jaegerbut I didn't install it in my 3.0 test workstation11:04
jaegerthere's the disconnect11:04
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Romsteri did the contrib 2.8 branch15:43
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rmullRomster: webkit 1.10.2 is out, requesting a port bump :D16:38
rmullrumor is that there are more dependencies involved, but I haven't tried it myself16:49
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frinnstpango-32 needs to be upped to 1.32.4 and i imagine a harfbuzz-32 port is needed too :(19:20
jaegerprobably so19:21
frinnstseems it attempts to link against the 64bit port of harfbuzz19:23
frinnstoops: 2:23 am19:24
jaegerlooks like glib-32 needs an update, too19:32
jaegerdoh, permissions issue on compat-3219:44
jaegerok, that should be sorted, guess I need to rerun the hook19:47
jaegersomething's wrong with the post-update hook's ability to change the group in the 3.0 compat-32 repo but I fixed it manually for now. not sure what the deal is19:53
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