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frinnstsounds like what happens on the x86_64 repos from time to time03:07
juefrinnst: what exactly is the problem?03:10
frinnstfrom time to time the group changes to users from optx866403:11
frinnstso pedja cant commit03:12
frinnstjaeger: steam is now an open beta \o/03:14
juefrinnst: within opt-x86_64.git?03:18
frinnstyeah. its been like that for ages03:18
frinnsttilman even created a script - "" or something :)03:19
frinnstchanges perms and stuff03:19
juehmm, that's strange, currently everything looks sane, IMO03:31
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Romsteri think jaeger fixed it manually?04:40
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jaegerthe group is supposed to change to the second arg of the export script so optx8664 would be correct in that case08:20
jaegerthe problem was that in this case it was changing the group to users instead08:21
jaegerwell, it probably wasn't changing to users, I guess that's the default08:23
jaegerit was failing to change to compat-3208:23
jaegerfrinnst: pedja is not in the optx8664 group, could explain that problem08:28
jaegerhe's only in contribx866408:28
frinnstsorry, i ment to say contrib :)08:31
jaegerah, ok :)08:31
jaegerdoes the contrib-x86_64 rsync get set to optx8664? we could probably fix that if so08:31
frinnstanyways, the repo had changed group to users a few days ago. thats what you fixed08:31
jaegerAh, gotcha08:31
jaegerSo that is the same thing that happened to me with compat-3208:32
frinnstother repos are much older, no?08:32
jaegerI think they all use the same export script but will double-check that08:32
jaegerinteresting, we have a gnome.git on totally forgot about that08:33
jaegercompat-32.git has the setgid bit set but none of the others do... and that's only in the scm dirs, not in the rsync dirs08:36
jaegerthat might explain it, I suppose... when the push failed I ran the post-update hook manually from the compat-32.git dir08:37
jaegercore.sharedrepository=true <-- this is why, I bet08:39
jaegerI'll check it out again next time a push is done08:40
juejaeger: I've initialized compat-32.git, so I wouldn't be surprised if I did something wrong09:58
jaegerIt could also be that something changed with git-init in a new version, don't know09:59
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