IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-12-21

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jueawk '/crux-3.0-rc1.iso/{a[$1]};END{print length(a)}'
teK_nice use of awk btw.07:07
juethx :)07:12
teK_should be much more efficient than the usual grep | sort | uniq -c  chain ;)07:13
teK_more important.. free at last, I'm free at last07:13
teK_awaiting feedback by my adviser then going to turn in my thesis \o/ /o\ \o/07:14
jueteK_: congrats!07:23
teK_no more night shifts :P07:24
teK_and more time for CRUX..07:24
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jaegerteK_: congrats :)08:32
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