IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-12-22

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Romsterany tesitng xorg-server 1.14 rc1?02:02
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Romstercreated contrib/3.021:02
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Romsterjaeger, compat-32.rsync isn't actually compat-32.rsync.inactive on the rc1 iso.21:55
Romsteris this intentional?21:55
Romstercan someone add rsync for please.21:56
jaegerwas probably a mistake, what's wrong with it?22:42
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Romsterthat it's enabled by default and in prt-get.conf23:59
Romsterthan being commented out and named compat-32.rsync.inactive23:59
jaegerok, I'll check it out23:59

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