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jaegerAnyone have any new issues with 3.0-rc1 to report?08:37
jaegerRomster: I'll check the udev cd symlinks thing again today08:37
Romsteronly that /dev/dvd problem.08:44
jaegeroh, nice, xbmc 12 has libcec in it now08:45
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frinnstRomster: giving it a go now :)09:33
frinnstjaeger: seems quiet re. the rc. A release should be doable09:33
frinnstnew years eve? new start and everything :)09:33
frinnstall the issues we patch in 2.16 seems to be fixed in 2.17 atleast09:34
frinnstwell, ls, cd and make still works with 2.17 :)09:39
frinnstpitillo: will you be updating your e17 repo to 1.0 (or whatever)? interested in trying it out09:41
frinnst quick & dirty port, if anybody wants to break their system :)09:44
pitillohey, I want to clean current e17 repo as currently I'm maintaining the release and svn versions. Stable efl and e17 versions are up to date since long time ago and current 1.7.4 and e17 etable are running right on 3 different devices09:45
frinnstah, cool09:46
pitilloI wanted to ask if it could be interesting to keep a minimal and stable e17 repo officially but as there isn't much people using it, I wasn't sure if it will be interesting09:47
pitilloe17 port should pick up stable releases, the e17-svn picks svn sources. Some footprint mistmatvhes with 64b (or ARM) with evas and e17 ports09:50
frinnsti have never really used enlightenment09:58
pitillohere I'm using it since e16, bb for the rescue10:00
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jaegerdoes opt/adobereader really depend on libstdc++-compat or can that be removed?12:39
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jaegerbuilding another rc since there have been a few changes, but nothing vital16:03
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Romsterno idea that could possibly be removed since poppler does a good enough job.18:17
jaegerhere's a weird on: "tar: no gzip/bzip2/xz magic"19:55
jaegerweird one, too19:55
jaegerThis is bizarre... when I mount the iso image from a usb stick now the rootfs.tar.xz is the wrong size and corrupted21:01
jaegeroh, weird... it's mounting the wrong device somehow21:01
jaeger/dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb221:01
jaegerbut it can somehow still find files, they're just the wrong size21:02
Romsterinstall -D -m 0644 labels.scm /usr/ports/work/gimplabels/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/gimplabels/21:30
Romsterinstall: target '/usr/ports/work/gimplabels/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/gimplabels/' is not a directory: No such file or directory21:30
Romsterwhat the heck -D makes all the directories for me, or it should...21:30
Romsterah well make the directory first i guess21:31
jaegeror diagnose what's really wrong :P21:34
Romsterinstall -D -m 0644 labels.scm $PKG$(gimptool-2.0 --gimpplugindir)/plug-ins/$name/21:34
Romsterjust fails with the no directory21:34
Romsterinstall -d $PKG$(gimptool-2.0 --gimpplugindir)/plug-ins/$name21:34
Romsterinstall -m 0644 labels.scm $PKG$(gimptool-2.0 --gimpplugindir)/plug-ins/$name/21:34
Romsternow how to use this template21:35
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Romsteri have no misc perhaps i'm not meant to put this in it's own directory21:41
Romsteroh i bet i need to do make templates but then it needs glables -_-21:45
Romsterwhat the i goto print preview after i made a create new cd label and it opens wine with the virtual desktop and nothing in it. O_O21:48
RomsterGutenprint is that it supports printing on CDs, that's good news at least21:51
Romsterman i'm this close to just using my laptop in windows to print labels, this should not be this hard to get a template in gimp21:59
Romsterok i keep finding PSD templates...22:04
Romsteroh sepen has a cdlabelgen interesting found that after sewing this page
Romsterthough it does seem glables is the best way todo it...22:10
Romstercan't see why this is outside the scope of gimp.22:10
jaegergrrr... how the hell does this work? I don't get it22:42
jaegerthe usb drive has two partitions, a 100MB FAT32 EFI partition and the rest is the ISO image written via dd to /dev/sdb222:43
jaegeryet somehow /dev/sdb is mountable and the initramfs finds that first and chokes22:43
jaegerI guess I'll try with the files instead of the ISO image22:50
Romstercan't be possible but i know nothing of GPT22:57
jaegerIt isn't GPT anyway, msdos label in this case22:57
Romsterother than there is two GPT areas.22:57
Romsteri always thought EFI implied GPT disk label.22:57
jaegerUsually does22:58
RomsterEFI being the BIOS replacement of course.22:58
jaegerboot media is a funky area, though22:58
Romsterso is this ghostscript and cd/dd label making -_-22:58
Romsternew to me.22:58
jaegerso goddamn weird... if I unmount /dev/sdb and mount /dev/sdb2 in its place manually shit works exactly like it should22:58
Romstermaking progress though22:59
jaegerI have NO idea why it can mount /dev/sdb at all22:59
Romsterit should fail on that.22:59
Romstersaying no filesystem found22:59
jaegeryeah, it should. it doesn't and happily mounts the filesystem but every file is corrupted22:59
Romsterbecause of dataoffset being wrong... but then it shouldn't find the FAT table.22:59
Romsterhow weird.23:00
jaegerGonna try it explicitly GPT, can't hurt to try23:01
jaegerno difference, still does the wrong thing23:06
Romstersmells of a bug don't it.23:07
jaegerI might have to add some checksumming or something23:10
Romsteroh this sucks, do you know of a good postscript previewer23:33
Romstergsview sucks trying todo /usr/bin/gs -sDEVICE=x11 "$@" also hangs until i really kill the gs process23:34
Romstergtkcdlabel looks nice and it'll do what i need.23:35
Romster/usr/bin/ps2pdf "$@" | /usr/bin/epdfview no go either23:38
Romsterwhy so hard23:39
jaegerhrmm... maybe I can do the whole thing on a single fat32 partition23:41
jaegernah, that wouldn't work with the file lengths, probably23:41
jaegerer, filename lengths23:41
Romsteroh i just spotted gv...23:42
Romsterthat is far better.23:44
Romsterthe net is full of old obsolete stuff that does not help when looking for a program.23:44
jaegerhrmm... doesn't matter if there's only a single partition, it still mounts the main device23:48
jaegerwhat the hell?23:48
jaegeralright, checksumming it is. not tonight, though, time to get some sleep23:48

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