IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-12-28

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jaegerargh... that weird-ass mount issue happens with the isohybridized USB image, too, it's not just the EFI one18:34
jaegerhrmm... maybe I'm on the wrong track. maybe the problem is the USB stick itself20:08
jaegerdamn it, it was the USB stick. glad I wasted all that time20:22
jaegerok, gonna add the defconfig to git instead of generating it every time the kernel is built. that causes other weird problems21:18
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Romsterjaeger, that usb stick got some sort of emulated cdrom on it?22:17
Romsteror dd-ing the usb stick and redoing what you had works fine?22:18
jaegerI had to switch to a different stick, that one failed for both the manually constructed EFI image and the isohybrid image22:19
jaegersoon as I switched the problem went away22:19
jaegerit has no U3, just a standard one22:20
jaegerI'm guessing it has some bad flash pages or something22:20
Romstermust be faulty.22:32
Romsterusb stick meet hammer22:32
jaegerok, the defconfig was able to boot one of my test machines with no changes23:44
jaegertime for sleep23:45

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