IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-12-29

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jaegerAlright, here's a question for the new defconfig idea - do we base the defconfig on the kernel's stock defconfig or on the crux iso config? Either way we're enabling the short list of options already discussed but the kernel's builtin defconfig doesn't have ethernet drivers, etc.11:47
frinnstit has e1000, no?12:19
frinnstbtw. just noticed i had touched one of your ports a while back - alsa-lib. reverted the source url back to alsa-project. seems like its broken again, so ill revert the commit i made :)12:20
jaegerIt does have a few, just not a lot12:20
jaegerok, no problem12:20
jaegerI wonder why they have so much trouble with their FTP service12:22
frinnsti was asuming we based it on the kernel defconfig12:24
jaegerI did. The kernel defconfig is very sparse12:25
jaegerit only contains the bits that are changed from defaults, it seems12:25
frinnstit should be good enough to boot on most hardware if we build the devtmpfs12:25
frinnstwtf, reverting the alsa-lib commit made the mailer daemon freak out12:32
jaegerhow odd12:32
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jaegerrc2 at if anyone wants to play with it23:02
jaegerhas a defconfig23:02

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