IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-12-30

c0x`hmm.. just boot, fdisk, mkfs.ext4 & mount /dev/sda1 /mnt, then cd /mnt and got :00:59
c0x` sda1: WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing.00:59
c0x`seems, it's cosmetic only, all works pretty fine01:04
Romsterstrange never seen that before.02:22
Romstersure you don't have any write pending sectors in SMART status c0x`02:22
c0x`esxi 5.0 vmw_pvscsi thin disk02:25
teK_have you had success in running steam on our multilib flavour?08:34
jaegerI haven't tried it since the beta went open but it ran before that at least08:40
jaegerI'll give it another tru08:41
jaegerhrmm... still says this version is in closed beta for me, odd08:45
jaegerok, deleted my previous steam install and reinstalled it. now it runs and I'm downloading a game to test08:52
*** mike_k has joined #crux-devel09:02
jaegerhas some graphical glitches in big picture mode but that's to be expected, I suppose... intel graphics09:09
jaeger(only have it installed on my lenovo x220)09:09
jaegerand it crashed. :)09:10
Romsterjaeger, i just noticed that crux-multilib-ports/contrib-multilib/2.8/ is not in rsync09:16
jaegerwas it ever created?09:17
jaegerlooks like no09:17
Romsterthough it's only got 2 ports in it and one should be in opt now, just leaves wxgtk-32 in there.09:17
Romsternope but the git tree exists.09:18
jaegersince 3.0 is close and won't be on anymore I don't feel it's worth bothering09:18
Romstereh i'll throw them in opt09:19
jaegermight as well switch to 3.0 fully09:19
Romsteryeah iw asn't gonan bother but rotwang cant use wxgtk-32 since i droped it out of emulators and he hasn't moved to 3.0 yet09:19
Romstertell rotwang that -_-09:19
frinnstbut he's not using multilib09:21
Romsterbah what is he using then ffs09:21
frinnst64bit 2.8 :09:21
Romsternevermind fixing any of that... don't know how that got missed.09:24
jaegerprobably weren't enough of us using it to notice09:24
Romsteri guess so09:27
jaegerwell, my x220 isn't up to running steam games, I think09:47
jaegerblack screen in serious sam 309:48
jaegerlots of opengl errors in the terminal09:48
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