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jaegerprologic: might be useful to add no-cache pragma to the log HTML07:40
frinnstprologic has probably melted07:41
frinnstas has romster07:41
jaegerentirely possible07:41
jaegerI've built grub2 efi images, modules, and executables so many times now I made a script for it :P07:52
prologicI'm not melted :)08:03
prologicjaeger, I'll enable caching08:03
prologicremind me again tomorrow when I'm more awake :)08:03
prologicETags ok?08:04
jaegerI was suggesting you disable caching, not enable it. the browser already caches it so you have to reload the page if you want current logs08:08
jaegerunrelated to the logs, grub efi shit: - if anyone's interested08:09
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jaegerheyo, jue, welcome back09:19
jaegerhope you had a good break :)09:19
jaegerI'm off to meet a coworker for lunch, will be back in an hour and change09:19
juejaeger: yes, everything was fine, thanks :)09:20
jaegerglad to hear it :)10:23
jueI saw that we have new irc logs since yesterday, but no older logs10:27
juedid I miss something important the last days?10:27
jaegerprologic didn't like my bot so he made one :P10:30
jaegerwhich is fine by me, supybot hasn't been updated in years10:31
jaegerYou haven't missed anything really big, though10:31
jaegerIf you need to look back in the logs before yesterday I can make them accessible. I haven't removed them, just redirected10:32
juethanks, but not necessary, I'm happy that I must not read through it ;)10:34
jaegerfair enough :)10:34
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Romsternah i'm still here frinnst15:43
Romsterus aussies are tough when it comes to the heat.15:44
Romsterjaeger, it would still be nice to have a archive of the older logs on the new url too.15:46
Romsteri sometimes need to go back searching for some url someone posted.15:46
Romsterinteresting efi stuff jaeger, did you get all the bugs ironed out? i have not got a use for it yet but on the next pc i build later on i will. so i'm still keen to see this stuff.15:49
Romsterwb jue glad to see your back.15:50
jaegerI doubt the bugs with efi will ever be ironed out, it's too immature16:10
jaegerI wonder if prologic could convert the old logs to irclog2html format or whatever16:11
jaegerI removed the log redirect, will just have to tell people where to go when they ask what happened to the logs after the bot stopped16:18
prologicjaeger, I'm fairly sure irclog2html will eat the old logs anyway16:44
prologicI think it can consume a number of formats16:44
prologicpip install irclog2html16:44
prologictry it out and see16:44
prologicif it does, tar up the raw logs and I'll dump them in their appropriate place16:44
jaegerprologic: looks like it works fine18:34
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prologicjaeger, ping21:06
prologicgot those logs in21:55
prologicI had to rename them all21:55
prologicbut a quick and dirty python script I wrote helped :)21:55
prologicalso I believe I can fix the caching issue by spitting out Last-Modified headers21:56
prologicinstead of a large-ish Expires header21:56
prologiccan't do ETags I realize - have to read the whole file21:56
jueRomster: thanks :)00:07
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jaegerDr. Scott!14:14
teK_I tried ssh-ing into your backup machine14:15
teK_without success. it even seems to be down :p14:15
teK_mind checking what's up?14:15
teK_and who the hell is Dr. Scott14:17
teK_who is rocky in our case?14:35
teK_reminds me of
teK_but it's ingerman14:36
jaegernobody in particular, just popped into my head14:37
jaegerhaha, nice14:37
teK_so  frinnst is brad I suppose :>14:37
frinnstyes we turned it off15:12
frinnsti thought you'd never use it15:12
frinnstI can turn it back on if you like15:12
frinnstshould be up shortly15:16
teK_yeah I threatened to get back at you :P15:17
frinnstanyways, should be up now15:19
teK_This box has been reserved by german towels. (haha, again)15:27
teK_the ISPs network+ssh rules are quite funny15:57
frinnston the box i set up?16:04
frinnstiirc, it has an internal address16:04
frinnstbut hell, it was half a year ago or something. not touched it since16:05
frinnstah, iirc, we only allowed ssh access from crux.nu16:05
teK_no on's interconnect16:06
teK_on one terminal, rsync is running16:07
teK_on another i'm getting this:16:07
teK_# ssh backup016:07
teK_Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).16:07
teK_i.e. only one outbound connection at a time16:07
teK_woooot :p16:07
teK_SSH is evil 8)16:07
frinnstbah. our new monitoring system is freaking out because the cruxbox is lacking vmware-tools16:12
frinnstopen-vm-tools should do the job with the heartbeats16:14
teK_first sync done16:16
teK_I will put something like etc.tar.bz2 into /home/crux on the backup box, too16:16
teK_too lazy to reconfigure the whole shit IFF the box goes down16:17
frinnstcc1: all warnings being treated as errors16:30
frinnstpain in my ass16:30
teK_si si16:31
teK_now I seem to have triggered something16:31
teK_# ssh backup016:31
teK_Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).16:31
teK_on both terminals16:32
frinnsthah, locked out?16:51
frinnst[vmtoolsd] The vmsvc service needs to run inside a virtual machine.16:51
frinnstso no testing i guess..16:51
frinnstmaybe try that and run the daemon if it builds..16:55
teK_well I will have to wait a while until ssh to your host gets enabled again, I believe experiencing the same fsck-up as the last time I tried :)16:55
teK_hu? me? :)16:55
frinnstI dont have access to it16:55
teK_I cannot ssh into your host anymore16:55
frinnstbut when you can..16:55
teK_okay :-)16:56
frinnstor I can give it a go on monday16:56
teK_whatever comes first16:56
teK_off to bed16:58
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juegood morning00:31
juefrinnst: I got the impression that our automake update was a bit too brave, maybe ;)00:35
jueat least we have to check every port that calls some kind of auto* stuff or bootstrap etc.00:36
juenot sure if it is worth the trouble00:37
Romsterwhy would automake do such a breakage... and wasn't that jsut a .1 bump or did that happen in .1300:47
Romster1.13 then 1.13.100:48
prologicRomster, not every project follows semver.org00:48
Romsteri wish they all did.00:48
jueRomster: yep, was the switch to 1.1300:48
prologicI wish tey all did too00:49
prologicbut sadly they dno't :)00:49
Romsterit's not hard to sed it in the Pkgfiles but i need to test everyone.00:49
Romsterand i thought my typing was bad. :)00:49
prologicit still ys :)00:49
Romsteryeah it is00:49
prologicnew crux irclogs all good still?00:50
jueRomster: it's some times more than that one sed, they removed a lot of other things00:50
prologicI haven't updated the caching yet - soon00:50
jueRomster: read the WARNING part of this ->
Romsterwell if oyu have to downgrade it then i'll have to undo my last commit i guess.00:50
jueno, your change is backwards compatible00:51
Romsterah ok.00:51
Romstershould we have a test branch to test brokenness then when we are happy then merge that into 2.8?00:52
Romsteror is that too much effort.00:52
Romsterguess we could just bump it on our systems and fix stuff as it's found.00:52
Romsterwhile not affecting everyone else.00:52
jueyeah, sometimes a testing branch would be useful00:53
Romsternot sure what i'll do with liba52 it really seems un-maintained. and that PIC fix is redundant with --enable-pic in the #crux channel.00:54
Romsterbreaks with a newer libtool, i might be able to regenerate the entire build system... but previous experiences lead that to pain.00:55
juebut the automake is clearly special, it is famous because it tend to breaks things ...00:56
Romstermight just have to generate it on a chroot then archive that then use that on the source line instead.00:56
Romsteris there any way to have select what libtool/automake m4 to use? or far too much effort to slipstream the older 12.6 series and the 13.1 series together.00:57
Romsteri'm pretty tired so excuse me if i make no sense.00:58
juesorry, but that sounds like a big mess :)00:58
Romsterwork during the week, work on most weekends. no time to myself or crux.00:58
Romsteryeah i thought as much00:58
Romsteri supose i'll have to generate it on a chroot with a older set of automake libtool etc.00:59
Romsterhmm would be interesting if pkgmk could do chroots for special compile requirement's but then it wont be KISS so forget that idea.01:00
jueI've just looked at liba52, if you remove the ./bootstrap step, you can also remove the patch entirely01:00
Romsteri can't remember why i added that ./bootstrap in for...01:00
Romsterit obviously fixed something at the time i added that.01:01
juewell, it's needed because the patch modifies and Makefile.am01:01
Romsteryeah to comment out -prefer-non-pic01:02
Romsterguess i could just sed configure01:02
Romsteri'll look into that when i'm not tired.01:04
Romsteri have next weekend off, but then i also have to fix my wiper motor it stopped working before xmas of all times.01:04
Romsterluckily it's hardly rained01:04
Romsterof course everyone was shut so i can't get one until next Monday on wards.01:05
Romsteri'll just regenerate it in a  chroot diff it to the original source than include that patch, problem solved minimal effort.01:10
jueRomster: that builds for me ->
Romsteri did the sed but i didn't do mkdir m401:16
jueaclocal: error: couldn't open directory 'm4': No such file or directory ;)01:17
juebtw, I've removed the --disable-static configure option01:17
Romsterdid i mention i'm tired. noticed that. guess i shouldn't remove static anything.01:18
jueguess it's around 1 o'clock for you?01:19
jueoops :)01:20
Romsterworked saturday sunday and all week before this weekend.01:20
Romsterand i got work on monday again01:21
Romsteri don't get much free time now.01:21
Romsterso far next weekend is free but not the one after that01:21
Romsterjust saved me a ton of work.01:22
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juef***, I hate it, new groff installs additional pdf-stuff if ghostscript is installed and there's no option to disable pdf support01:55
Romsterrm -rf $PKG/....01:56
Romsterugly but effective01:56
Romsteror if there is a make target for that sed it out.01:56
juetsss, what a mess, they have a configure script in their cvs but that is not generated from the current configure.ac02:08
juemeaning I get different configure options if I use configure as it is or recreate it with autoconf02:11
juecorrection, I was partly wrong, the problem only occurs after running autoreconf not autoconf07:07
frinnstjue: yeah I didnt notice any issues with the ports I had installed.. but ive seen the fallout :/07:29
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juefrinnst: I've tested all opt ports which uses auto* stuff, everything seems to be fixed and working now07:43
jueprobably more fixes for contrib needed07:43
frinnst <- the plane is my commit, the bird is all other ports07:49
frinnstanyways, thanks for fixing my silly mess08:11
juefrinnst: no worries, it's not your but automake's mess :)09:58
teK_frinnst: Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).11:39
teK_are there any restrictions on outbound SSH-connections on your side?11:40
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Cryptorchildsamba 4 anyone?23:06
Romsterhi jue, Cryptorchild is after samba 4, not sure if you have even started testing on that yet, but looks like you have a keen tester.23:16
Cryptorchildgood point Rommy23:16
frinnstteK_: did you change the root password? I cant find the old pw in my notes01:25
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Romsterjaeger, faac needs fixing. same automake issue04:17
Romstersed -i -e 's/^AM_CONFIG_HEADER/AC_CONFIG_HEADERS/' configure.in04:18
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jaegerI'll take a look at it today05:24
teK_frinnst: sure that I had root-Access?05:46
frinnstfuck, i dont know. it was half a year ago05:49
frinnstyou dont have root access now, i take it? what account are you using?05:49
teK_just skimmed over the logs from august05:50
frinnstI dont log anything05:50
teK_the user on your side is 'crux'05:50
teK_:57 < teK_> pulling must happen as root then?05:51
teK_00:57 < teK_> I guess05:51
teK_00:59 < teK_> if we take the route with sudo I'd prefer to put a script on instead of allowing full sudo-ed access to rsync05:51
teK_00:59 < teK_> I'm ok to pull as root; frinnst?05:51
frinnstI guess i'll reset the password then05:51
teK_so we shall have full backups of quite ""soonish""05:52
teK_21:57  * frinnst saves the log06:02
frinnsthaha lies!06:02
frinnst-rw-r--r-- 1 fredrik fredrik 24 aug 15 10:19 crux-sync06:03
frinnstbut only contained the pw for the crux user!06:03
teK_I did a full sync of ~crux two days ago06:04
teK_yet I still cannot ssh into your server from crux.nu06:04
teK_it stopped working all of a sudden and I suspect some sneaky router/firewall in 'our' network to be the cause for this06:05
jaegeror possibly that big brother software they run at the kalmar NDC06:05
teK_yeah I meant that06:05
jaegerAh :)06:05
frinnstyeah the people of kalmar are a shifty bunch!06:05
teK_though charly seemd nice :]06:06
frinnstmy town is a part of the kalmar county06:06
frinnstthough there's been talks of leaving it :D06:06
frinnsttotally unrelated, im sure :)06:06
teK_and frinnst as I wrote _though charly_ seemed nice06:08
teK_go figure:>06:08
teK_can you see connection attempts in your logs?06:09
frinnstnot on the host itself, let me check the fw logs06:10
teK_last try was at approx. Mon Jan  7 15:09:10 CET 201306:10
teK_so we seem to have reached a verdict06:16
teK_now I'm just a nice guy and then I get this:06:24
teK_<frinnst> im soooo scared!06:24
frinnstwell you are un-scary06:25
pitillowhat do you think about adding a cut down e17 repository officially supported in CRUX? (stable releases)06:47
teK_but who is willing to maintain that repo?06:59
pitillome teK07:00
frinnsthmm, gtk3 seems semi-broken at the moment07:04
frinnstor rather, very broken07:04
teK_pitillo: what would you need tothat? a e17-rsync module?07:44
jaegerRomster: looks like id3lib needs the fix as well07:45
jaeger(in 3.0)07:46
pitilloteK: what about a git repo for those ports (around 15)?07:51
teK_so Ihave no objections as long as the repo stays super-mega-high quality ;)07:56
teK_jaeger, frinnst, jue?07:56
jaegerno objections here07:56
jaegeron a side note the gnome repo could be removed07:57
teK_where? I don't see it in portdb nor in gitweb07:57
jaegerI doubt it's ever been in the portdb nor enabled in gitweb07:59
jaegerit exists in the scm ports dir, though07:59
teK_it does08:01
teK_% groupmems -l08:02
teK_zsh: segmentation fault  groupmems -l08:02
frinnstthats what you get for using a shitty shell08:03
teK_of course08:03
frinnstbah, thought zsh segfaulted08:03
teK_munmap(0x7fae299e0000, 4096)            = 008:05
teK_--- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0} ---08:05
teK_whatev :}08:05
jueprologic: the day-break in our irc log doesn't work, intentionally?08:36
juepitillo: you mean a dedicated repo for e17, similar the xfce repo?09:07
pitillojue: yes, what do you think about it?09:08
pitilloteK_: I tried to do that always, but in this way may be all things can be improved with other people help09:08
juehow many ports approximately?09:09
pitilloI'm reviewing them currently and should be there around 1509:09
pitillo14 without esetroot09:11
juesounds good to me, no objections09:11
jaegerRomster: tweaked faac, thanks for the tip10:38
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jaegerwho was it that created the ca-certificates port with mozilla's certdata in it?14:06
jaeger <-- interesting note about the things to explicitly mistrust14:06
jaegerit looks like contains those that it should not14:13
jaegerperhaps the mistrust is coded into the pem, not sure how to test that14:19
jaegerHrmm, looking at the file formats I don't think it's that smart14:25
teK_every dev should know this url :}14:59
teK_it even has a "history"..14:59
teK_pitillo: please contact me wrt your git access to the e17 repo15:24
frinnstjaeger: interesting. yeah mozilla released new nss packages with the google cert update16:19
frinnstbut they managed to break the build somehow. not looked into it any further than just bumping the version and going "oh, it doesnt build"16:20
teK_dude.. every time I create a new git repo on I spend >30m realiziing that I only have to adjust gitweb/index.aux for getting it listed there *GRML*16:20
frinnstturktrust or whatever the issuer was called16:22
jaegerthat's one of them, there are more16:22
frinnstsurely a curl bug, wonder if they have been notified?16:28
frinnstThese ca cert bundles do not contain the DigiNotar certificates as Mozilla marks them as untrusted and this script knows the markup for that, but it may contain related certificates that Mozilla (and others) would block using other means. (Like some certs that were cross-signed by Entrust etc). See details in bug #1178.16:29
jaegerIs the script that the curl folks use to generate it available somewhere?16:29
frinnstyeah its avalable here:
jaegerdoh, 404 on the mk-ca-bundle link16:31
frinnst1 day ago16:31
frinnstseems they are aware16:31
frinnstUpdate: working on a script that gathers all CRL files, similar to the CA Extract script. Will let you know when it's done.16:31
jaegerhrmm, ok16:31
Romsterentire trust thing is highly over rated. i don't think i could trust any of them.17:42
jaegerat some point you have to or you don't get any browsing done, heh18:14
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juegood morning23:32
juejaeger: the mk-ca-bundle script is part of the curl sources, it's in the lib subdir23:38
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jueupdate our port to 20121229, so at least the turktrust cert is removed00:12
juehmm, our [notify] thing is broken somehow00:26
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frinnstyeah got everything as attachments01:04
juemaybe of the included cert data?01:06
frinnst[-- Type: application/octet-stream, Encoding: 8bit, Size: 3.5K --]01:07
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Romsternot much of a change, wasn't other certs not trusted as well? besides turknet.01:40
Romsterwhoever issued them was not smart01:40
mike_kseems our etc/services can be updated at least once every 5-6 years:;a=history;f=iana-etc;hb=ed881f6ef9c4ef1f166f5837e77df44b62e097c9
mike_kand etc/protocols: (those URLs can live in pkgfile as comments to remind the data sources)01:53
mike_kif there is a need I can sed/awk those plain text files or just grab them form NetBSD or FreeBSD sources )01:54
juemike_k: yeah, please grab them, we'll update the port, thanks for the reminder02:11
mike_kjue: ack02:11
Romsteri looked at that ages ago and forgot all about that.03:33
Romstermy bad03:33

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