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frinnstyeah i'm not sure. My system at home runs our current 3.0 but with glibc 2.17 for extra wierdness. Nothing about it bothers me really00:11
frinnstand im usually very picky :)00:11
jueRomster: that's not possible with current ck4up00:20
jueprologic: no, multilib is our official supported version, nothing else00:22
juejaeger: no open stuff in TODO30 and nothing else I'm aware of00:32
juefrinnst: I'd say it's too late to switch our glibc00:35
jueat all I'm pretty happy if an updated 2.8 and 3.0 are more or less the same, that was the plan at least00:36
prologicsomeone ping me?00:39
prologicwell that's fine00:39
prologicI assume from speakint to jaeger that it isn't hard to make it pure x864_64 thought right?00:40
jueyeah, not a big issue00:45
juewhy do you want that, if you don't install anything from compat-32 the difference is negligible?00:47
prologicI suppose it is :)00:49
prologicall good!00:49
jueok :)00:50
frinnstjue yeah i agree. I just had to give it a go when they released it. Not moved back to 2.16 yet :)00:51
frinnstReason for closing: Implemented00:52
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teK_pitillo: report in02:16
Romsterjue, i was implying to modify ck4up to handle that. :)02:59
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pitillohey teK_, cloning with crux:/... works but when I try to do it with ssh:/ keeps asking for the password04:22
teK_so it just works? ;)04:32
juepitillo: that's intentionally, only port 2222 should be used for git pulls04:32
teK_I already told him04:32
jueoops, sorry, teK_ is here ;)04:32
teK_hi guys04:33
pitilloyeah jue, the only diff between ssh config files is the identify file specification04:33
pitillowhich I'm using the generic one (id_dsa) and I think it's not needed to specify it (I have it setup as I had it when I was working with contrib's)04:34
teK_if the keyfile is not specified ssh tries id_dsa, id_rsa and some more afaik. So is there a problem or not?04:47
pitilloyes there is, specifying it gives the same behaviour04:49
teK_have you tried the snippet of ~/.ssh/config I sent you?04:53
pitilloyes, I had it setup in that way since long time ago, I just added the IdentityFile line04:55
pitillohave you tried with the last attached pub key? it should be attached as binary, different to the first one which I copy/pasted it (as you said, may be the problem begins there and that's why I resend it again)04:57
teK_I didn't. Wait04:57
pitilloI can host it too if it's more confortable for you to get it in that way05:00
teK_I just replaced the file05:00
pitilloummmm the same, keep asking for a pass05:08
teK_nothing in the logs woot05:13
teK_% ssh -i xx -p 222205:24
teK_fatal: What do you think I am? A shell?05:24
teK_Shared connection to closed.05:24
teK_with a temporary key05:24
teK_does this work similarly on your side?05:24
pitillolet's see05:26
teK_so did you clone from crux or crux.nu05:27
jaegerprologic: to expand on the earlier comments the only 32-bit stuff that 3.0 installs is the glibc-32 port and toolchain 32-bit support. If you don't ever install any 32-bit ports you won't get more 32-bit stuff, but don't remove glibc-32 or the toolchain breaks05:33
jaegerstarted another bootstrap, should have it uploaded this afternoon/evening05:41
frinnstfinal or another rc?06:22
frinnstafaik there are no open issues?06:22
jaegerAnother RC to make sure there are no problems with it. If it's solid it can be renamed as we've done in the past06:30
juejaeger: thanks :)09:02
pitilloteK_: can you review git2rsync hook/script for e17 repo?09:20
teK_doing that right now09:20
teK_puzzled by permissions :p09:21
pitillogreat, thank you09:21
teK_meh :p10:46
pitilloperfect teK_ (the last link isn't generated yet I think)10:52
teK_still trying fo figure out why10:57
teK_I wrote none of that stuff10:57
pitilloI imagine10:58
pitillogreat, thank you very much11:13
teK_no problem11:14
jaegerthe portdb is only generated once per day11:43
jaegerthough it looks like you found it11:44
teK_manual generation was not the problem11:44
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frinnstcp: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by cp)13:35
frinnstnot very painless :)13:35
jaegertrying to downgrade?13:35
jaegeruploading an rc3 iso now13:37
frinnstyeah back to our current glibc13:41
jaegerok, it's up in the pre-releases dir now13:55
jaegerAnyone remember rrm3?14:07
jaegerargh, ignore that rc3, I need to fix the usb shit14:19
jaeger3.7 changed it, reverted to 3.614:19
jaegerok, replaced it with a working one, sorry14:32
jaegerof course sqlite3 got updated while I was bootstrapping :P14:41
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