IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-01-10

juegood morning02:56
juejaeger: just did an update with rc3, works fine02:57
juejaeger: shall I write a ANN or will you do it?03:03
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jaegerjue: go ahead, if you don't mind, pretty busy at the moment06:18
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juejaeger: ok07:27
jaegerhrmm, I need to add pangox-compat as an nvidia dep, looks like. since they removed pangox from pango08:25
jaegerI assume that will be removed from the next nvidia driver version but will add it for now08:29
jaegerok, now I have a bit of time, will fix up nvidia/pangox-compat08:32
jaegerI won't bump the nvidia version because a rebuild isn't needed08:32
jaegernvidia-settings just complains if you don't have pangox08:33
jaegerjue: I spotted a small change needed in the defconfig so I'll get that in before the release... but it doesn't require a new bootstrap08:34
jaegeractually I wonder if I should mess with nvidia, who will be the maintainer for the 3.0 version? Predrag Ivanovic is the arch maintainer for x86_64, I guess08:38
jaegerI'll add pangox-compat to opt and we can figure out nvidia later08:38
frinnstaye, deus_ex / pedja08:51
jaegerI couldn't remember who that was, sorry :)08:52
pedjawhat's up?08:52
jaegerpedja: do you want to maintain nvidia in 3.0? I was supposed to take it over from jue for 2.8 x86 but I will be happy to leave it to you for 3.0 if you want to continue08:53
jaeger(since 3.0 is x86_64)08:53
pedjaIf no one is objecting, yes, I would like to maintain it.08:55
jaegerI don't think anyone objects. :)08:56
pedjaok, then. :)08:56
jaegerWould you consider adding pangox-compat as a dependency for 3.0? nvidia-settings uses it but it was removed from pango08:56
jaegerI just added pangox-compat to opt but did not change nvidia since that's yours08:56
pedjaFeel free to add it as a dep to nvidia port.08:59
pedjaso, is 3.0 almost ready?09:00
pedjarc3.nice :)09:01
jaegerShould be ready pretty soon, I think09:03
pedjajaeger: Since I can't push to opt repo, would you fix nvidia port?09:19
jaegerI can this afternoon, sure09:20
pedjathank you :)09:21
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frinnstseems pango 1.32.6 will require an updated not-yet-released fontconfig11:07
frinnstwonder if they fucked up that pango release:11:08
frinnst    1.35.611:08
frinnsteither a typo or they pushed a devel release to the stable branch11:08
jaegerhrmm... probably safe to disable the 2.7 update hook on opt11:39
teK_done. :311:44
rmullNo CRUX-LTS? :(12:29
rmullJust kidding.12:29
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