IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-01-11

frinnsthm, did i fuck up the pango bump in 3.0 ?07:14
jaegerIt looks ok to me, why do you ask?07:16
jaegerIf you meant the pangox thing, that's an upstream change07:17
frinnstgit some footprint missmatches, the old footprint07:21
jaegerI only looked at the Pkgfile07:23
jaegerhrmm, yeah, no footprint update in gitweb07:23
jaegerjust Pkgfile and .md5sum07:23
frinnstoh well07:31
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jaegerok, I see the footprint mismatch on a fresh install08:42
mike_kdoes anyone have a recent BSD system and a few minutes to run a test on? I have an updated /etc/services and performance of getservbyname(3) is affected by it's size quite a lot.08:58
jaegerI don't have one anymore, took down my FreeBSD ZFS server a while back08:59
mike_kjaeger: thanks. was hoping you had one )09:02
jaegerI used to =/09:02
jaegerCould make a BSD VM this afternoon if it would help09:03
jaegerI will be leaving soon for lunch09:03
mike_kjaeger: thanks, that would be too much work and would not give an answer yet09:08
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teK_frinnst: for me here, too (pango fsck-up). What about mplayer?10:57
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frinnstgiving it a go now13:05
frinnstsounds like its working15:04
teK_another satisfied customer15:05
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jaegerboy, automake 1.13 makes MATE a mess and a half20:07
Romstercrux chroot multilib 3.0# ports -u ; prt-get sysup ; prt-get depinst pango22:09
Romsterjaeger, and they say there is other stuff in automake that's marked for depreciation for a later automake version bump.22:11
Romstergonna be fun.22:11
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