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juejaeger: current automake situation is indeed a bit boring, but everything we came across was easy to fix until now, do you mean that we should downgrade to 1.12.x?07:09
frinnstmight as well i think07:22
jaegerI doubt there are enough crux users running MATE to necessitate that... I was able to tweak every port I ran into to work with 1.13 but I admit I got tired of doing so after about #6 and downgraded my local automake07:24
frinnstit will probably be a pain for users running local ports, compiling git projects etc07:24
frinnstreverting it in 3.0 will "downgrade" it when running the installer, right?07:26
jaegerIt should, yeah07:26
jaegerWill be gone for a while, I need to go to work to do a firewall upgrade.07:30
juefrinnst: if we downgrade we should do it for 2.8 and 3.0 IMO07:33
frinnstyeah, but probably not everyone will notice the downgrade in 2.807:36
juewhy not, 'prt-get diff' or 'ports -d'  will show it?07:41
Romstersay what, your not seriously considering downgrading automake now, a wiki page on simple sed replacement is not good enough?07:49
horrorStruckand if the plan is to rely on upstream fixing their stuff for automake 1.13 then we'll be stuch forever :)07:49
Romsterwont they eventually? how many ports do you need to do autoreconf on; really?07:50
Romsterwhat version is LFS using of autotools?07:51
horrorStrucksome will for sure but not all of them and when. downgrading is not a solution in my humble user's opinion07:51
juehorrorStruck: don't think so, at least I saw 3 updates of xorg ports that contain fixes for automake ;)07:52
Romsteris it a big issue though?07:52
horrorStruckjue: then it's OK :P07:52
Romsteri don't really think so, but the future depreciation's might be more pain. i really don't know. not looked into that.07:53
juehorrorStruck: but sure, for other ports we will need pathes or seds for ever :)07:57
Romsterhmz unless you just down grade it for 2.8 only...08:00
Romsteri guess that's what your talking about08:00
horrorStruckyeah i think so too, downgradin would not solve anyting08:00
Romstersorry i jumped into the conversation late.08:00
horrorStrucklet's say i'm writing with a brooklyn accent, it's not typos i'm doing :D08:01
juehorrorStruck: sure, it solve such problems as jaeger had with mate08:02
juedon't get me wrong, I do not vote for a downgrade, but if the problems get up we should at least consider such a step08:04
horrorStruckwell it all depends on upstream and i dont have that much faith in them08:05
horrorStruckIMO downgrades are OK for regressions08:07
Romsterwith automake it's not a regression it's a depreciation08:15
Romsterbeen known for a while, other projects should update there build trees08:16
horrorStruckRomster: exactly, that's why it would be a -1 for me if i were not speaking as a user :)08:17
horrorStruck^ subtle way to give your opinion even when you shouldnt :D08:18
Romsterusers have other opinions than a developer has.08:18
Romsteri had to fix a few thigns but the fixes have been trivial so far.08:19
Romsterseems to me tighter control of build system will reduce bugs in future.08:19
jaegerback now09:22
jaegerI think the proper solution is for the MATE folks to fix upstream to work with the new automake. With that said I don't know how quickly they will do so.09:23
jue453, 11, 77 downloads for CRUX-3.0-rc1, rc2, rc3 ...09:35
teK_453? nice.09:38
jaegerawesome :)09:41
jueindeed, that's much more than I'd have expected09:42
teK_your merit :)09:43
jueour :)09:44
jaegerunrelated to crux I ordered one of those cheap korean 27" IPS monitors, should be fun09:47
teK_I'd prefer quality over price, tbh. What's your use case09:54
jaegerWell, the idea behind them is that they're the same panels in the 27" apple cinema displays10:06
jaegerJust WAY cheaper10:06
jaegerSo the cases aren't always impressive and often don't have hardware controls, etc., but the panels are fantastic10:08
teK_what brand are you talking about? url? :)10:20
teK_screw the cases ;)10:20
jaegerI ordered a wecube st2770w, there are quite a few others10:22
jaegersearch for catleap, yamakasi, achieva, wecube 27"10:22
teK_I'd love to get my fingers on a >=24" retina-class display10:22
teK_but that will have to wait until they get cheaper I think :p10:22
teK_Woosung? Really? :D10:23
jaegerNo idea when a 27" retina type display will be feasible, heh10:23
teK_samsung is said to release some displays with even better ppi-values10:24
teK_yep and not cheap10:38
teK_I bet.10:38
frinnst=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:12:02
frinnstMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/nmap-update12:02
frinnstMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/nmap-update.1.gz12:02
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/home/ports/pkg/nmap#6.25-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:02
frinnsta s d f12:02
teK_sucks to be you!12:05
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frinnsttime to reboot my server into 3.0 \o/13:04
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frinnst/usr/bin/crux lists crux as "CRUX version 3.0 x86_64-multilib"13:42
frinnstdo we need the "x86_64-multilib" part?13:42
jaegerI would say not anymore13:42
frinnstno objections if i change it?13:44
jaegernone here, jue?14:06
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frinnsta couple of new xorg tools, mostly automake fixes16:37
frinnstnone that are included in our xorg.. but nice to see some progress :)16:38
jaegergood :)16:38
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