IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-01-14

frinnstjue: cifs-utils 5.9 introduced a bug:
frinnstyep, supplied patch solves it for me02:13
Romsterconfigure: error: No 16 bit type found on this platform!04:14
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/cdparanoia#10.2-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.04:14
Romsteri've had that in a chroot for ages but now it's on my live system04:14
Romsterautoreconf fixes that.04:15
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juefrinnst: thanks, will apply the patch as soon it is in the official repo04:55
jueRomster: hmm, that's strange, works for me on 2.8 and 3.004:56
Romsterwhy does that only happen to me?04:56
Romsteri have to keep adding autoreconf and --mandir=$PKG/usr/man04:57
Romsteri can do a fresh chroot and reproduce this problem, and i did report it ages ago but seems only i have this issue.04:57
Romsteri don't get why this is a 2.8 multilib fresh install on a ssd not the remains of my old system.04:58
juejust build it on two other boxes with 2.8 here, works05:00
Romsteri honestly give up... on this why me.05:01
Romsteri can give exact chroot setup and build instructions... i can reproduce this... but i never tried on another box...05:01
Romstermaybe my cpu instruction set is to blame. no idea.05:02
jueinsane CFLAGS?05:02
Romsternope stock except for -march=amdfam1005:02
Romsterbut in chroot it's stock cflags as in pkgmk.conf05:02
teK_jue: just compiling a recent checkout from mplayer, mind testing it?05:03
teK_+hi folks!05:03
Romsterhi tek.05:03
teK_I tend to forget the greeting :}05:03
Romsteri'll retest again later jue05:03
jueteK_: hi05:03
teK_compiled fine on 2.7 x86_6405:04
jueteK_: sure05:04
teK_I have no 2.8 installation at hands as it seems05:04
Romsteri hti this everytime i do a ports -u; pkg-clean -r ; prt-get depinst foo that depends on cdparanoia05:04
jueteK_: yep, works again :)05:21
teK_great, pushing to git05:24
jueteK_: thank you, glad to help05:26
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