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frinnston the portdb, tilman is still listed as the maintainer for xorg:
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AmnesiateK_: wouldn't it be an idea to change the confdir?03:29
Amnesiato /usr/etc ?03:29
teK_I have had several discussion with wrt /usr/etc as confdir03:30
teK_bottom line: I think it's stupid03:30
teK_CRUX has a different policy03:30
teK_which port are you talking of03:31
teK_I do not plan to change it. What's the gain?03:34
teK_it's been that way for quite *some* time03:34
teK_frinnst: you is that now? Xorg team?03:35
teK_dammit :p03:35
frinnstyeah: # Maintainer: CRUX Xorg Team, xorg-ports at crux dot nu03:38
teK_I can change that tonight03:40
juehello :)03:53
juethink it's time to do some documention work, just created initial versions of the handbook and our release notes03:55
jueas always help is highly appreciated ;)03:55
AmnesiateK_: the reason I asked is due to the fact that the handbook states that non system apps should store their conf dirs there03:57
teK_yes I looked it up before I answered your request04:03
teK_jue: any specific tasks that need to be done? I never helped writing the handbook04:03
juewell, the 3.0 handbook is a plain copy of 2.8 with some s/2.8/3.0/ but probably not all04:06
teK_so mainly reviewing04:07
teK_I'll have a look04:07
juereading through it an correcting errors would be a first step04:08
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juejaeger, frinnst: may I ask you to help with our docs, particularly with the release notes?09:36
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frinnstjue: absolutely10:55
frinnsthm, I dont seem to have an account to edit stuff10:57
frinnstthe driverlist in the bootkernel probably needs an update11:01
frinnstrelease notes look ok from what i can tell11:02
frinnstmaybe some tips on building a kernel? :)11:14
teK_most questions wrt installation seem to be towards that topic11:47
teK_so this may be a good idea while it somewhat 'violates' our target audience statement11:48
teK_btw anyone tried the 3.0 iso and remembers if there was a autologin on tty0?11:48
teK_I used the 2.8 ISO just recently and think that there was autologin, too11:48
teK_it does11:50
teK_frinnst: do you have a wiki account?11:51
jaegerthere is11:57
teK_already edited the handbook ;)11:58
teK_sudo-moving /var is a stupid idea11:58
jaegerwho does that? :P11:59
teK_someone who forgot to make /var a _crypted_ and extra partition12:00
teK_why is the locale generation referenced and not fully printed out in the installation section?12:05
teK_frinnst: you mentioned the tmpfs-kernel option needed by udev to someone earlier. Should we include a hint for that on upgrades or is this too late?12:14
teK_we should set up a pkgutils page in the Wiki or at least make the pkgutils FAQ look more official12:19
teK_the handbook still refers to per's page from 200512:19
teK_you know if nobody disagrees I'll do all that :p12:22
frinnstteK_: dont think so12:34
frinnstonly flyspray12:34
teK_do you remember since when (i.e. CRUX release) udev requires this?12:35
frinnstduring 2.712:36
teK_so we're one release late with that hint :p12:36
frinnstyeah, but other stuff includes scsi-disk, controller and filesystem12:37
frinnstthere was a guy posting yesterday12:37
teK_I saw that12:37
frinnsthe sent me his config, he build scsi-disk as modules12:37
frinnsteventhough i told him to include it12:37
teK_[ ] he knows how mailing lists work12:37
frinnstheh, he stopped posting to the ml and sent it directly to me12:38
teK_so we could include a hint in the upgrade section, right?12:38
frinnstand im too lazy to cc the ml :D12:38
teK_I told him to post to the ML, too12:38
frinnstI think we should put it in the installing section (3)12:39
teK_why? The iso-kernel-config includes the option already12:39
teK_at least I assume it does12:39
frinnstand change the /dev/hd?? to /dev/sd12:39
frinnstno it doesnt12:39
teK_wtf :p12:39
teK_it should!12:39
teK_hu? why?12:39
frinnstand the kernel config for 3.0 will be defconf12:39
frinnstmore or less12:40
teK_which does not include tmpfs? just include it goddammit!12:40
teK_oh and no more swearing, sorry :>12:40
frinnstthat it does12:40
frinnstbut dont remember, matt hasnt pushed it to git yet12:40
teK_would you mind speaking up on this issue?12:41
teK_I think we can leave th hd?? alone as there still might be IDE-installations.. well.. hmm.12:42
frinnstdoubt many x86_64 installs will use the old ide12:42
teK_yeah so the hint about sd?? should be turned around and refer to hd??12:43
teK_mind editing? :]12:43
frinnsti think so12:43
frinnstwell, give me an account and i will! :)12:43
teK_register already12:43
frinnstName/password not recognized12:43
teK_20:50 < teK_> frinnst: do you have a wiki account?12:43
frinnstwhere? just prompts me for a password12:44
teK_ah registration was disabled I think12:44
teK_sorry :-)12:44
teK_the user management is crude with this wiki12:44
teK_looking it up..12:44
teK_and you do have an account12:48
teK_shame on you =)12:48
frinnsti dont think this is correct any more: A minimum of 160MB system memory is required to install CRUX from CD-ROM. It is possible to perform a custom chroot installation with only 16MB of RAM.12:54
teK_I never thought of it to need 160MB of RAM12:55
teK_or is our initrd this big?12:55
frinnst64mb is not enough12:57
frinnstyeah, its the initrd.. kernel panics12:58
teK_uh oh12:58
frinnst128 not enough12:58
teK_so you're testing with a VM should make it easy to find the new lower bar12:58
frinnst256 seems to work12:58
teK_I remember having 192MB of RAM in my machine12:59
frinnstrunning an upgrade with 256.. will try 192 next13:00
jaegersorry, I had to go to a meeting about hiring13:01
teK_hiring you or some other guy ;)13:02
jaegerwe're hiring a junior sysadmin sometime soon13:02
frinnstyeah, 192mb seems to work13:02
frinnstboots up and allows one to swapon13:02
jaegerbit of spam inc:13:02
jaeger$ grep TMPFS linux-3.6.11.defconfig13:02
jaegerour defconfig has a few things enabled that the upstream defconfig doesn't13:03
jaegeras far as SATA vs. IDE installs I'd say it's safe to update our documentation to use the SATA notation since that's the default in the kernel now13:04
jaegeryou have to enable the old drivers to get hd* devices13:05
teK_so the comment should only be made on upgrades, imho13:06
jaegerhrmm, we should also change crux-3.0.md5sum to crux-3.0.md513:07
jaegerI'll fix that13:07
frinnstyeah, probably dont need the notes on the kernel config13:08
teK_frinnst: please add it. I tripped over this once ;)13:08
frinnstfine :)13:09
teK_(== fuck you)13:09
teK_should we mention the portdb search option in ?13:10
teK_ /etc/rc.fix is mentioned in
frinnstadded, feel free to tweak13:24
teK_so we leave devtmpfs out13:35
teK_jue: maybe you want to review and :)13:35
teK_the rest seems to be fine at least imho13:36
frinnstdebians security announcements spamming re. the qemu e1000 buffer overflow13:36
teK_sounds nasty :-)13:38
frinnstheh, maybe if you run it in a production env. :)13:38
frinnsttorrents ftw! :)13:39
frinnstf1 is a drug13:39
teK_then have fun13:40
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