IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-01-16

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mike_khi there07:42
jueit's amazing, but we do not have any single bug-report for 3.0, right?07:43
mike_knot that much testing it has received, maybe07:46
juewell, we have around 500 downloads for the rc07:47
mike_kI need a spare machine to test an upgrade. just installing in a VM is of little interest (07:47
mike_ksome of those might be robots, right?07:48
juebut probably not much, despite it wasn't annouced, we have 11 downloads for the rc207:52
jue458 for rc1 and 107 for rc307:52
horrorStruckit looks like the annoucement on distrowatch made a significant difference. did it come from you guys or from dw?08:03
juedo you have link for it?08:06
mike_kI am not sure if every person downloaded it was able to complete installation. some might be unaware of it's do-it-yourself nature08:06
jaegerI've not received bug reports personally08:06
juejaeger: do we need another iso or should we use rc3 as the final?08:07
jaegerI'd kinda like to do one more ISO but I don't think it's vital08:11
jaegerIf we do use rc3 I want to upload a new one with a defconfig change (packages would be the same, though)08:11
juehorrorStruck: thanks08:13
juejaeger: that's fine08:14
juejaeger: I don't see the need for another rc, but if you prefer to do another one that's ok for me08:16
jaegerI don't have a strong feeling about it, the only reason I suggested it is due to updates since rc3, not a technical reason08:17
jueyes, we have some updates for opt ports, but more or less nothing new in core08:21
jaegeryeah, it's not a big deal08:21
juebut on the other side I wouldn't have a problem if we build a fresh ISO with up-to-date packages and release it after a quick check as final08:26
jaegerEither way is fine by me. Anyone else have a preference?08:26
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frinnstwhatever is easiest for you jaeger15:45
jaegerok, I'll just fix the defconfig on rc3 and upload a new copy16:11
jaegerAlright, there's an ISO in pre-releases with the updated defconfig, please test and report :)18:28
jaegerdefault kernel config18:52
prologicsuitable for what kind of hardware?19:13
prologicor just everything enabled?19:14
prologicI see the little bot I wrote is still working quite well19:14
prologicseeing as I was away for a week in hospital with our new born baby :)19:14
jaegerIt's just the upstream defconfig with a couple things added, nothing special19:19
jaegermight cut down on the questions in #crux19:20
prologicahh yeap19:24
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juejaeger: thanks23:53
juejaeger: not a big issue, but we should consider to update the docs on the iso ....23:54
juejaeger: sorry, I forgot to mention this yesterday23:54

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