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juejaeger: maybe we should extend/correct our release notes a bit, please have a look00:00
jueI'll create the ChangeLog today00:00
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jueChangeLog updated ->
jaegeroops, I forgot the doc update05:40
jaegerthanks, will fix that05:40
frinnstprologic: congrats!05:42
jaegerNew ISO uploaded with the right versions of the docs, sorry for that06:15
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horrorStruckprologic: congratulations! first one, if i may ask?06:26
prologicyeah first one06:31
prologicthanks guys :)06:31
prologicso exciting!06:31
horrorStruckgirl or boy?06:31
prologicgirl :)06:32
horrorStruckgood for the first one :)06:32
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jaegerAnyone mind answering a C/Make question for me?13:32
jaegerI'm not a programmer13:32
jaegergcc -lm -lfftw3 /opt/lib/libfftw3.a -D_INT64_ -D_GE_VRE_BUILD -D__x86_64__ imrec-program.c -o imrec <-- this is in a Makefile, does that "/opt/lib/libfftw3.a" bit make any sense? I don't know if that's a valid or useful use of a static lib in a gcc command line13:33
rmulljaeger: Was that Makefile generated by something other than a human?13:33
rmullor did you write it?13:34
jaegerI've no idea, actually. It's part of a helpdesk ticket that I'm trying to help with13:34
jaegerhe's getting undefined references that are in the fftw3 lib and I was just trying to help sort out the Makefile13:34
jaegergcc -L/opt/lib -lm -lfftw3 -D_INT64_ -D_GE_VRE_BUILD -D__x86_64__ imrec-program.c -o imrec <-- this is what I suggested13:35
jaegerIt's probably necessary to also specify the location of the header, though, I'm guessing13:35
jaegergcc -L/opt/lib -I/opt/include -lm -lfftw3 -D_INT64_ -D_GE_VRE_BUILD -D__x86_64__ imrec-program.c -o imrec <-- so I also suggested this13:35
rmullHmm, it's too bad it's not easy to just try it and see, since it's not your PC13:37
jaegerI have to go over to that building to work on our NAS, though, so I will stop by his office and try it13:38
rmullFWIW I've never included a hardcoded path like the .a file in any of my gcc commands - I would have assumed that -lfftw3 would be adequate assuming a sane environment13:41
rmullBut I don't really know what including it explicitly does13:42
jaegerI just got back from there, it's pretty odd14:32
jaegereven after installing libfftw and dev from the ubuntu packages it still didn't work14:32
jaegerthe ubuntu packages have both the static and dynamic libs as well as the proper includes in the usual locations, /usr/lib and /usr/include14:32
jaegersame problem, bunch of undefined references14:32
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Romsterjaeger, you use includes for compiling objects. but you only need so or .a files when final linking.22:56
Romsteri'm not a programmer either but i know a little on gcc options.22:58
Romsterjaeger, afaik not specificying -static makes gcc link dynamically.23:03
Romster/opt/lib/libfftw3.a makes no sense at all it should be -l/opt/lib/libfftw3.a23:05
Romsterbut without -static it should be a .so file... in which case i really see no point on that than to -L/usr/opt23:06
Romsteron further review -lfftw3 makes /opt/lib/libfftw3.a redundant anyways.23:09
Romster-L/opt/lib would be correct. and jaeger has figured that out, but i just am confirming that.23:10

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