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juejaeger: do you have the time to create a fixed ISO the next days?08:39
juewith fixed I mean with the 3.0 handbook and release notes08:40
jaegerI already did08:42
jueoh sorry, I missed it08:43
jaegerno worries :)08:44
juedownloading it now08:47
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juewill do an update of my desktop, back in some minutes08:58
juelooks good :)09:18
rmullWhat does "re" mean?09:20
juesomething like 'hi again'09:22
juewell, isn't it time for a the release today?09:23
rmullFriday is a good day to make a release :)09:26
jueif we do it, we have to09:26
jue- update news page09:26
jue- update download page09:26
jue- setup a torrent09:26
jue- write an announcement to crux09:26
jue- update about page ( s/i686/x86-64/ )09:27
jue- add ISO to our Master server09:28
juermull: yeah, my thought as well :)09:28
jue- ?09:28
jue- adjust defaults in our git-web to the 3.0 branch09:30
jaeger- fix release date in ChangeLog09:34
jaegertoday is quite busy at work but I should be able to create a torrent this afternoon09:35
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juejaeger: tomorrow better?10:08
jaegerjue: I'm about to start a big data sync that will take a few hours so I have a bit of time11:59
jaegershould I go ahead and put 2013-01-18 in my local copy of the ChangeLog?12:01
juecopying the iso to and creating the torrent are the two other things I cannot do12:03
jaegerno worries, I'm making the torrent now and will do the other right after12:04
jueI'll start with our web pages12:04
juejaeger: could you please commit the ChangeLog, I need it for the news entry12:16
jaegerok, done12:20
jaegermy upstream at home is pretty taxed right now, took me a bit :)12:20
jaegertorrent is created and running, making the source ISO now to upload as well12:29
jueANN sent, wiki updated12:52
jaegeryay! :)12:53
jueindeed, we did it :)12:56
rmullIs there any reason I can't load the 3.0 torrent file that would result in rtorrent telling me Could not create download: Info hash already used by another torrent12:56
rmullI have the 2.8 torrent also loaded12:56
jaegerits info hash is definitely different, not sure12:57
juehmm, works for me with transmission here12:57
jaeger39fdf548e164c26d5352b349f608eb81335383ee for 3.0, 28a5cfaffb1a852f9af315ebfaed4260049dea94 for 2.812:58
jaegerI'm using rtorrent, no problems12:58
rmullVery strange12:58
frinnstim seeding ok, transmission12:59
rmullI think it's a problem with my rtorrent12:59
juejaeger: FYI, I've copied the torrent to our directory12:59
jaegerjue: I did as well, one of us probably overwrote :)13:00
jaegershouldn't be a problem13:00
rmullno problem any more, sorry for the noise13:03
jaegerno worries13:03
jaegersource ISO is uploaded to morpheus.net13:27
juenothing left, I'd say13:33
juethanks guys :)13:35
jaegerthank you, too :)13:37
jaegerI'm excited that we're finally officially 64-bit13:37
jueyeah, me too13:39
juethe ambiweb mirror is pretty fast, even the source iso is already there13:42
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jaegerrmull: that weird fftw3 problem I was mentioning earlier is bizarre in the extreme - I think the ubuntu 12.04 install has linker issues15:02
jaegerit builds fine on my crux multilib system but fails on 2 completely differen ubuntu 12 installs with the same output15:02
jaegerit can't find stuff from the math lib as well15:04
jaegervery weird15:04
jaegerargh, finally solved it, accidentally15:36
jaegerubuntu's toolchain requires that the libs be specified after the sources/objects15:36
jaegerso "gcc -o imrec imrec-program.c -lm -lfftw3" works15:36
rmullgood work on your part, haha17:24
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