IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-01-19

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frinnstcruxbot still only announces 2.8 changes?03:35
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Amnesiacongrats folks with the new release05:03
frinnstthx, eventhough jue and jaeger did all of the work :)05:49
pitillolot of job hidden, and you are there too frinnst, don't take off merits05:51
horrorStrucki added --without-frinnst to my C{,XX}FLAGS and *all* builds break :(05:58
frinnsthm, maybe ":(" dont translate as an ironic ":(" too well over irc :)06:02
horrorStrucki had enough cheap beer to get the ironic part of it :P06:03
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jueI've slightly corrected a wording in our docs, because I think it was wrong in the first run06:34
jueI've changed: ... x86-64-optimized Linux distribution target ...06:35
jueto: ... Linux distribution for the x86-64 architecture targeted ...06:35
juehope that's ok now06:36
juebtw, x86-64, not x86_64, is the name that has been chosen by AMD for the instruction set of the Athlon64 CPU, so using 'x86-64 architecture' seems to be correct for me06:50
juebut well, not really important in the end06:53
jaegerno complaints here :)07:22
jaegerMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/harfbuzz/hb-icu.h09:38
frinnstah, fuck09:47
frinnstforgot to fix that09:47
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