IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-01-21

juejaeger: some of the progs in prt-utils are sourcing /etc/pkgmk.conf without setting $PKGMK_ARCH02:05
juejaeger: they are broken now, because we exit from the case statement if PKGMK_ARCH is not set to either 64 or 3202:06
juejaeger: IMO we should run the case only if PKGMK_ARCH is set or extend the first case to "64"|"")02:07
RomsterPKGMK_ARCH should default to 64bit if not set.02:43
Romsterwhich would be what you suggested jue "64"|"")02:44
frinnstwow, intel really likes to release xorg drivers03:04
juefrinnst: indeed, are you at it?03:09
frinnstim unable to push right now03:15
frinnstbut i've got a lunchbreak in a couple of mins. can do it then03:15
frinnstworks ok here on a sandy bridge gpu thingy03:15
jueyeah, works for me too03:16
jueif you are there, please update rgb as well03:17
frinnstbtw. maybe add a /etc/rc.d/cifs ?03:19
frinnst (guess what it's based on)03:20
jueyeah, good idea03:22
juethanks, will add it :)03:23
Romstercompat-32 isn't show on cruxbot04:58
jaegerjue: I think the better choice of the two is to default to 6406:20
juejaeger: ok, I'll commit a fix07:05
juejaeger: btw, do you have uncommitted changes to iso.git?07:07
frinnstbtw jue, why are you hoarding mupdf in your own repo? its awesome :)07:42
frinnstepdfview is pretty sucky these days07:43
jueyeah, good call07:44
juethere's no real reason anymore, will move it to opt07:46
juethe only feature I'm missing sometimes is printer support07:47
rmullAs a mupdf user, I support this07:48
frinnsthah, just when i was browsing the epdfview site: The domain has expired. Please login to your account at No-IP to renew this domain before it is lost07:52
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rmullWhy is core/gcc build --with-pkgversion="CRUX-x86_64-multilib" ? Is the stock 3.0 a multilib environment?09:26
rmullOh, I see that it is09:26
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jaegerdoing my 2.8->3.0 upgrade today, killing libpthread-stubs leftovers :P09:45
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juermull: thanks for the report, will fix23:58

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