IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-01-26

juegood morning00:43
jueprologic: our irc-log seems broken currently00:44
jueRomster: running new pkg-config here since yesterday and did a lot of builds, nothing wrong so far00:56
Romstercool i haven't tested that.00:58
Romsterthe whole shortcircuit http side of things seems down.00:59
Romstersince i'm on mutlilib 2.8 already it shoudn't be much pain if i moved to 3.0 right?01:12
jueno pain I'd say, both are versions are nearly the same01:13
Romsterjsut finished testing builds and everything works.01:13
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prologicjue, broken ohw?01:34
Romsterprologic, i said in #crux shortcircuit wont load01:43
Romster(104) Connection reset by peer01:43
RomsterGenerated Sat, 26 Jan 2013 08:20:14 GMT by (Lusca/LUSCA_HEAD-r14809).01:43
Romsterdvd symlink again i really should out a command in rc.local01:46
prologicgah f**k02:07
prologiclighttpd keeps dying on me02:07
prologicI need to upgrade software on this server02:07
Romsteryou need a watchdog timer.02:07
Romsterfor how long02:08
prologicI also updated circuits on the server02:08
prologicso the caching issues should be gone now02:08
prologicI need to upgrade lighttpd02:08
prologica bug is not fixed by restarting a broken daemon02:08
juefrinnst: no issues with new xorg-server here02:12
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Romsterprologic, you so did not read all what i typed else you would of read about http being down.03:46
prologicyeah I went to go lie down with my daughter03:52
prologicwas exhausted :)03:52
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Romsterit's ok.04:00
prologicdid irclogger_ just go away and come back?04:01
prologicI'm not sure - I hide irc events on channels I regularly join04:01
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Romsteri'm guessing you told it to reload.04:04
prologicI killed it :)04:05
prologicit's only 300 loc :)04:05
prologicno reload/rehash fancy stuff04:05
prologicnot like kdb04:05
Romstermakes me wonder why yu didn't just make a module for kdb04:12
prologicwell ...04:14
prologicfunny thing about circuits04:14
prologicI could any any time just hot load irclogger.Logger into kdb04:15
prologicand voila04:15
prologicanyway I probably won't bother until/unless the devs want to replace clb too04:20
prologicin which case the problem gets more complex because it does ice announcements04:20
Romsteri'm assuming you mean nice07:04
Romsterbecause ice reminds me of a audio stream07:04
prologicwoot I fixed some bugs in sahriswiki07:20
prologicwell it was actually a bug in circuits.web :/07:21
prologicI believe I just fixed the editing issue in sahrswiki that has been bugging me for ages07:37
prologicnow I can edit pages again online07:38
prologicand via vim using mercurial07:38
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jaeger <-- this is so weird, happening every boot13:23
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