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juefrinnst: sorry to say, but you are wrong, see
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Romsterjaeger, some race between init udev or something.02:35
Romsterare all the disks on the same controller?02:35
frinnstoh.. hmm. i feel like i should know this already :)03:13
teK_but frinnst you do not totally suck as ports from core are expected to beinstalled  (most of them)03:17
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prologicDo you guys pay anything for crux hosting at all?04:38
prologicOr is it donated?04:38
teK_donated by charly and KDC Kalmar04:40
prologicahh k04:43
prologicI just found some great dedicated hosting04:43
prologicat serverloft.com04:43
prologicgoing to move my server to there04:43
prologic$99 for quad-core 1TB hdd 60GB ssd 8GB ram04:43
prologicunfortunately I have no need for hosting in Germany right now :)04:46
teK_that's sad04:46
teK_nice country, really04:46
prologicI required a server in the US04:46
prologicso I can get access to Hulu :)04:46
prologicbut it's my main server hosting anyway04:46
prologicbut I also want another server in AU04:46
prologicbut not at $150/month04:46
prologicI might just buy a VPS in AU04:46
teK_there are services for 5EUR/month that allow you to access YT/Hulu etc via a fast proxy inthe US04:47
teK_it includes accounts for large hosters like uloaded/RS etc, too04:47
prologicaware of the other alternatives04:47
teK_so save the other  50USD (:D)04:47
prologicI wrote my own proxy in Python :)04:47
prologicruns on my server now04:47
prologicI do host stuff :)04:47
teK_well 5EUR/month is affordable04:47
prologicof course04:48
frinnstbtw tek, is reversing the ssh connection from the backupserver to doable?05:08
teK_that's what we planned in our first try. Yes Ithink so05:08
teK_bad memory = "expensive" because you have to think about everything twice05:09
teK_but I will try contacting charly first05:09
frinnstyeah. msg'd him a few weeks ago.. he seems very idle from irc :)05:09
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jaegerRomster: yeah, same controller. I've moved the drives from the SATA3 to SATA2 controller now to try those. It's currently got CRUX installed on it and I'm not seeing any problems, will try the debian thing again today or this week sometime06:27
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teK_funny what some users think about the meaning of 'experienced users'13:04
teK_I was asked today how one can post to our ML13:05
teK_stupid word order13:05
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teK_thanks sepen for your mail13:07
sepenahh np13:17
sepentek, frederik/fredrik ;D13:17
sepenteK_: have you privileges to git-to-rsync export 3.0 for xfce?13:18
teK_will check in a moment13:26
teK_so the hook is set up properly14:36
teK_I did this just some days ago14:36
teK_but am I missing :o14:36
teK_should work.14:39
Romstershort urls are a pain you don't know where they go to.16:54
prologicI just wanted a couple permanent bookmarks to the relevant logs for crux17:01
prologicfor lack of a better domain/service right now :)17:01
Romsterhmm should openvpn be in opt?
prologicwe're quoting logs now :)17:19
Romsterwhy not :)18:05
prologicwhy not indeed :)18:15
prologichey do you wanna give me wiki a quick try?18:15
Romsteri could.19:32
Romsterthink i had a login but forgot that.19:32
prologicso here are the steps19:32
prologichg clone && cd circuits-dev && python develop19:33
Romsteri wouldn't mind replacing my with some wiki, i'm sick of maintaining the mess of html pages. and i've pretty much forgotten how to do php like i had in the past.19:33
prologichg clone && cd sahriswiki && python develop19:33
prologicsahriswiki --help19:33
prologicwell sahriswiki will do html as well as you know19:33
prologicso you can just put all your hvlinux pages into a repo19:33
prologicand slowly migrate to creole wiki pages19:34
prologicit's a 2-step install process19:34
prologicas per above19:34
Romsteri was reading another wiki engine that can do moudles for dynamic content too i'd love to have that feature.19:34
prologicone step (pip install sahriswiki) when circuits-2.1.0 is released in Feb19:34
prologicyeah sahris does that too19:34
prologicout of the box it supports .html .rs .csv .txt19:35
prologicalmost any other type of media file you want19:35
prologicas well as creole wiki pages19:35
prologiclet me know how you go19:35
prologicsahris should take care of everything including the creation of the repo, db etc19:35
Romsteri was really keen on using mod_wsgi and circuits with mako but i think i can't handle creating my own site that way... i barely pieced the basics together.19:37
Romsterplus i don't have time like i used to too even learn it.19:38
Romsterwiki with sql support? custom searching some table layout?19:38
Romsterchecking out now too.19:39
Romsterand i strongly dislike php due to it's security history19:40
Romsterso i wanted todo it in python.19:40
Romsteri do too much and not enough experience.19:40
Romsterheck the stuff i did ages ago with you and python i've mostly forgotten :(19:41
Romsteri vaguely remember the function that rewrote itself.19:42
Romsteradding file changes...19:42
Romsterthat must take awhile.19:42
Romsterrunning develop19:45
Romstererror: can't create or remove files in install directory19:45
Romsterit's trying to install into my system, wont work with out being root.19:45
Romsterand is there a easy way to remove later on when need be?19:45
Romsterjust installed it anyways.. even though i really prefer to have everything in a Pkgfile.19:46
Romsterwish i was a software engineer i could do so much.19:47
Romsterall i can do is fix computers and solder electronics. -_-19:48
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Romsterman sahris has a few dependencies.19:55
RomsterFinished processing dependencies for sahriswiki==0.9dev19:57
Romsterbut i still get a traceback19:58
RomsterImportError: cannot import name Notify19:58
Romstersahriswiki/sahriswiki/", line 19, in <module>19:58
Romsteryou missed a module in your setuptools stuff19:58
Romsterprologic, ^19:59
Romstercan i do "pip install Notify" or something?20:02
prologicyes I have20:10
prologicsorry :)20:10
prologicdo you have pip installed?20:10
prologicor setuptools?20:10
prologiceasy_install pyinotify20:11
prologicor pip install pyinotify20:11
Romsteri got distribute installed20:14
Romsterwhich works with easy_install pyinotify20:14
Romsterthat fixed it20:16
Romstereek lots of options20:16
Romsterok some thing you want me to test20:17
RomsterNo manual entry for sahriswiki -_-20:20
prologicevertyhing :)20:20
prologicjust running sahriswiki20:20
prologicwill work20:20
prologicall options are optional20:20
prologicand when you tweak options20:21
Romsterso it listens on some port?20:21
prologicyou can create a config file as well20:21
prologicby default 800020:21
Romstergot it but heck learning wiki again.20:27
prologicyou can use rst :)20:29
Romsterhave to learn rst ll :D20:34
prologicoh god20:34
prologicuse txt then20:34
prologicbut you get no linkage with txt :)20:34
Romsterso anything i do now will be saved in ~/.foo or something then?20:34
prologichow did you run it?20:34
Romsterjust straight sahriswiki20:35
Romsterso all defaults20:35
prologicthere should now be a mercurial repo in the current directory of where you ran sahriswiki20:35
prologicit should have also created a bunch of default pages20:35
Romsteris rst preferred these days?20:35
prologicby default it puts pages in a directory called "wiki"20:35
prologicno, there's no preference per say20:36
prologicwikis are still as popular as ever :)20:36
Romsterah i ran it in circuits-dev -_-20:36
prologicthen there is no a wiki dir in there20:36
prologicand it's probably started modifying the circuits-dev repo already20:36
prologicyou'd better start again :)20:36
Romsterwell if i'm gonna learn a new formatting language again which is preferred.20:36
Romsteri could start rewiring my site.20:36
prologicit's a pseudo standard wiki syntax20:37
Romsteri'll start it in it's own clean directory20:37
prologicsahriswiki is also highyl themeable20:37
prologicyou can clone the source of that if you want to see how the custom themeing is done20:37
prologichg clone
prologichg clone shortcircuit20:37
prologicRomster, having fun? :)20:56
Romsterhmm === title ==== on seperate liens don't seem todo much21:29
Romsteri'm going over
prologicthat's not rest :)21:32
prologicthat's creole21:32
prologicgot this up somewhere I can view?21:33
Romsternot yet21:49
Romsteroh i thought that was rst21:49
Romsterit says rest.html21:50
RomsterreStructuredText Primer21:50
Romsterit's not clear how heading are done. anr't that like **foo**21:51
Romsteror is that italics or something ugh i need a better primer21:51
prologicwhich are you wanting to do?21:52
prologicrst or wiki?21:52
Romsteram i meant to be doing rst or craole21:52
prologicyou can do either21:52
prologicpersonally I'd do wiki/creole21:52
Romsterwhich ever gives me the most versatility.21:52
prologicyou don't get backlinks, autolinking or macro in rst21:52
Romsterthen i'll do wiki/creole then21:52
prologicat least I haven't built equivalent features for reStructuredText21:53
prologicI'd have to learn how to write custom rst extensions for macros21:53
prologicand parse rst pages for links21:53
prologicmaybe in a future version I'll fully support all features in either wiki or rst21:53
prologicmaybe markdown too21:54
Romsterwell that expalins why21:54
Romsterdon't work21:54
prologicdid you name your page21:54
prologictest.rst ?21:54
prologicor similar (note the .rst)21:54
prologicif not it can't work out the mime type from just looking at the file21:54
prologicit guesses mime types by extension21:54
Romsternope i'm just editing the online localhost:8000 front page and hitting preview.21:55
prologicwell that will be rendering in creole/wiki21:55
prologicnot rst :)21:55
prologicdid I not mention sahriswiki handles many mime types? :)21:55
Romsterwell i foudn the lists it seems the same.21:55
Romsteryou did but i thought it was smart to auto detect.21:55
prologicit doesn't analyze the contents of files no21:55
prologicjust guess by file extension21:56
Romster-_- my fault for assuming again.21:56
prologicno no21:56
prologicmy fault for having bad docs :)21:56
prologicI'll update the docs to say something about this so there's no confusion21:57
prologicI should have just told you wiki21:57
Romster not findidng a decent primer21:57
prologicand not confuse you :)21:57
Romsteri thought there was a list of syntax in sahriswiki21:57
prologicjust use the WikiFormatting default page21:57
prologicthere is ^^^ :)21:58
Romsterhaha i hit a bug21:59
Romsterall i did was save my edited front page and i got that.21:59
prologichere's my blank site21:59
prologicjust created :)21:59
prologicwhat version of mercurial?22:01
Romsterone in opt/2.822:01
Romsteri only installed it today22:01
RomsterMercurial Distributed SCM (version 2.4.2)22:02
Romsterwent history back in browser and hit save again it's hanging on that now. console says22:04
Romsterwaiting for lock on working directory of /home/romster/.sahriswiki/wiki held by 'arkanoid:19736'22:04
Romsterso it's left in some ugly state22:04
Romsterneeds exemption handling there.22:04
prologick I'll have to work out those bugs22:05
prologicI'll get back to you :)22:05
Romsterwhile you do that i'll try to learn creole22:10
Romsteri restarted it now i cant even edit a page i click on the link and it shows no edit input box just the Not Found... that's it22:18
Romsteroh well i'll wait22:18
prologicyeah I'm aware :)22:35
prologicI think I recently broke something22:35
prologicI think that affects the creation of new pages22:35
prologicmust e something else because that worked22:38
prologicsomething's up with the initial starting state22:39
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prologicRomster, all fixed.23:20
prologiccd /path/to/sahriswiki && hg pull -u23:21

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