IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-01-28

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juefrinnst: may I ask you to test btrfs-progs version 20130117?09:01
frinnstyeah i saw they did some pushed recently09:52
frinnsthadnt gotten around to testing it09:52
frinnstdidnt look like anything major09:52
frinnstwhat im trying to say is.. sure! :)09:52
jueok :)09:53
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juefinally managed to do a merge between 2.8 and 3.0, wasn't so easy after our mess lately ;)10:36
jueat least almost :(10:37
juehmm, only our bot is a bit confused, don't see any error in the opt-repo10:40
jaegerhow odd10:47
frinnstwow, the mailer really freaks out on reverts10:48
juehope that now everything works again10:56
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juehmm, frinnst lost his +o flag in #crux13:01
prologiccould give some of us old timers op flags too? :)13:02
jueI did a '/mode +o frinnst' but that doesn't work over part/join?13:03
prologicno it does not13:04
prologicyou need to add a flag via chanserv so some of us have op privelages13:05
jueprologic: thanks, frinnst is a core member and that's the reason why he should have op status13:06
prologic/msg chanserv flags #crux frinnst!*@* +oO13:07
prologicthat ought to do it13:07
prologicand wrote two sets of irc services software :)13:08
juechanserv says that I'm not authorized to do that :)13:09
juejaeger: can you help out here, please?13:10
prologicyeah you possibly aren't :)13:10
prologic#crux is regsitered to freenode-staff13:11
prologicso I hope one of you guys have access to modify flags and settings on these channels13:11
prologicotherwise you're going to have to ask #freenode13:11
jueyeah, jaeger can do everything :)13:16
prologicahh :)13:17
prologiclucky for him :)13:17
frinnstgiving frinnst!*@* op would give everyone with the nick "frinnst" op? or is the chanserv thingy more intelligent than that?13:30
prologicwell no that's the way chanserv works13:30
prologicso it's best you have both13:30
prologica) a registered nick with nickserv13:31
prologicb) set nickserv settings to kill/ghost your nick if unauthorized13:31
frinnst*!*@@unaffiliated/frinnst should do it13:31
frinnstone extra @ in there..13:31
prologicthat would give me op too :)13:32
prologicyou are right though13:32
prologicyou can only be a registered member of freenode with that vhost13:32
prologicand you have to ask to get it13:32
frinnstim sure freenode has some best practice thingy with their chanserv bot13:33
prologicoh yeah no they do I'm sure of it13:34
prologicI don't think it'll allow non-registered users do diddly squat13:34
prologicmy irc services software didn't13:34
frinnstgeez, those ruby/rails cve's are very nasty13:37
frinnstI wonder how many sites are still vulnerable13:38
prologicprobably thousands13:38
frinnststatic html ftw!13:42
prologicyeah well13:42
jaegerjue: I'll take a look, sure. was in a meeting, sorry13:55
jaegeras far as the hostmask goes, chanserv on freenode works with identified users, not with hostmasks specifically13:59
jaegerso the access list just knows "frinnst"13:59
prologicI think it just allows you to restrict where they come from etc14:00
prologica bit tighter security if you will14:00
juejaeger: thanks :)14:09
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