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frinnstRomster: how did it go with syslinux/extlinux?01:33
frinnstdid you get it working?01:34
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Romsterfrinnst, i didn't dare boot it i went back to lilo after trying to figure out how the ef it used the config... and gave up at the point of using the disk/by-id that still hard coded the path in the boot loader on lilo03:03
Romsterand i haven't bothered with a initramfs yet03:03
Romsteri'm still burned out from work03:03
Romsterhg pull -u on sahriswiki prologic but i'll only give it a quick try i'm getting tired.03:05
Romsteroh i probably need to install it again too.03:05
prologicnot if you did python develop03:05
Romsteri just did that after the hg pull -u03:06
Romsteri did the exact same step edit home page paste my existing text save and boom
Romstergranted i probably have mixed rst and creole in that text.03:08
prologicdelete your repo and start again03:17
prologicoh yes sorry that issue03:17
prologicyou need to upgrade mercurial03:17
prologicto 2.4-rc or 2.5-rc03:18
Romsterisn't the one in opt/2.8 recent enough?03:22
Romstermeant contrib not opt... and manually bumping that now. you should put a error requires mercurial >= 2.5.x03:27
Romsterercurial#2.5-rc-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded ok03:32
Romsterhmp front page no edit box i guess it's time to nuke the db file and try again.03:34
RomsterERROR <listener[*.+edit] (Root.edit)> (<class 'sahriswiki.errors.NotFoundErr'>): 404 Not Found03:34
Romsterok i removed sahriswiki.db wiki started sahriswiki with no options all defaults... front page there edit now no edit box but also no error shown03:36
Romsterok updated circuits too it was a few commits behind. edit front page no input box still.03:39
Romsternot sure what i'm doing wrong for it to not show a edit box, i tied the click on register link too not found also.03:43
prologicintresting that it coudl misbehave on your system03:49
prologicI'm off to bed :)03:49
Romsterheh ok03:54
Romstermy system is stock except for the bumped hg03:54
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