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jueif someone is interested, here's the ann for libarchive 3.110:47
jueI've created a dist tarball for it, it's here ->
jueit's version 3.1.1 actually10:48
jaegerdoesn't look like anything that would affect us much10:49
jueyeah, my thoughts as well10:49
jaegerthough soname changes can be annoying10:49
jueindeed, we should avoid it whenever possible10:50
jueeven 3.1 cannot extract the kexec-tools tarball, so there's no reason to do anything IMO ;)10:53
jaegerfair enough, no disagreement here10:54
frinnst has been assigned CVE-2013-024211:03
frinnstrelevant patch:
frinnst*** glibc detected *** sed: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0000000001866b60 ***11:07
sepenwin 211:22
jaegerno, not win 2 !11:23
sepen /win xp11:41
frinnstjue: did you package a tarball for btrfs-progs?11:42
jueyeah, just change the version to 2013011711:44
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pedjasince glibc port creates /etc/localtime link, is it safe to modify it to point to CET timezone instead of UTC?14:49
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jaegerrc does that anyway17:03
pedjajaeger: checking rc never crossed my mind :)17:19
pedjaupdate to 3.0 was fun :)17:20
pedjachasing what is broken, and all that.libgphoto2 is the last problem, afaict17:22
jaegermost of my upgrades were libpthread-stubs rebuilding, otherwise pretty smooth17:24
jaegerwell, even that was smooth, just took time17:24
pedjalibphtread-stubs is the problem that I have with libgphoto2, compile stops after a while with ' No such file or directory'17:28
jaegergrep through /usr/lib/*.la for and rebuild the packages that own the matching files17:37
pedjawow, it seems I missed a few that need rebuilding :)17:41
jaegerIt's easy to miss them if you're not looking specifically for it17:56
jaegeruntil you try to build something that specifically uses those files17:57
pedjabuild something that uses something deep down the rabbit hole goes ;)18:02
pedjathanks for the tip.18:03
jaegerI scripted it and ran it until it stopped, basically :)18:05
pedjalibgphoto2 builds just fine now.and all is good in the world.time for bed, it is almost dawn here.18:06
pedjajaeger: good night18:07
jaegerprt-get update $(for F in $(grep /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d: -f1); do pkginfo -o ${F} | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }'; done)18:07
jaegersomething like that, off the top of my head18:08
jaegeroh, add a sort and uniq18:08
jaegerthat way it doesn't build the same thing multiple times if they come up18:08
jaegerprt-get update $(for F in $(grep /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d: -f1); do pkginfo -o ${F} | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }'; done | sort | uniq)18:08
pedjajaeger: add that to the wiki18:09
jaegerwhere in the wiki?18:14
jaegerI guess a page specifically about la problems with upgrades, heh18:16
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prologicjaeger:  hints and tips?19:39
prologicpet-get recipes?19:39
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