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pedjajue: sqlite3 ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA extension is not built by it broken, experimental?05:46
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pedjadarktable requires it, and I have built my local version of sqlite, but I am curious05:47
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pedjabtw, there is a new binary nvidia driver in lts series, and since I don't have opt privileges, someone might want to update it :)05:49
pedja313.x has a ton of tearing on my system05:50
jaegerpedja: 310.32?06:39
pedjajaeger: yes07:03
pedjajaeger: works fine on 3.0, less tearing than 313.x07:04
jaegerjue: We should talk about cleaning up the compat-32 maintainer lines at some point, I guess, as well as stuff like nvidia (pedja is the opt-x86_64 maintainer but doesn't have access to opt)10:27
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jaegeranyone have a working port for ruby bdb bindings?12:42
jaegereven the gem install doesn't work for me12:43
jaeger for reference12:52
jaegerdb 5.312:52
jaegergod damn it, irssi12:52
jaegerI guess it doesn't support db 5.312:52
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joe9anyone planning on taking crux forward for i686's?16:28
joe9i posted the same question in #crux.16:28
joe9not sure which is a better forum to ask such a question.16:28
jaegerI've not seen anyone step forward for it yet16:52
Romsteri was thinking but it might be effort, to make a compat-i686 overlay17:27
Romsterthat replaces needed ports for 32bit only stuff.17:28
prologici686 is kinda dead17:28
Romsterand get a group of volunteers for 32bit maintaining group17:29
prologicwhy waste your time on obsolete hw?17:29
Romsteryeah but seems a few have complained about no i686 though, well i got 2 boxes that are 32bit only but dunno if i'll use those, rest of my stuff is 64it capable.17:29
Romsteri do have soem 32bit only boxes at work i ise live cd's on i'd prefer when i get time to install crux on those as i use them for data recovery17:30
Romsterother than that i don't have any furthor use for 32bit only, but i'm sure we would get some with old hardware wanting 32bit still to maintain it.17:32
Romsterpersonally i don't care i was not thinking about myself17:33
prologicyes but 32bit is dead17:37
prologicyou can't buy 32bit anymore17:37
prologicexcept on ARM17:37
prologicwhich is moving to 64bit now anyway17:37
Romsterguess we jsut keep bumping stuff in parallel on crux 2.8 then?17:39
Romsterdoens't mean there is no 32bit only hardware out there that can be used for stuff like a lite distro like crux.17:39
Romsterpeople do recycle parts for other uses17:39
jaegerI'd like to see someone who wants to use it full time maintain a toolchain for it but nobody seems to be interested17:52
Romsteri don't use it full time so that counts me out17:54
rmullI have a 32-bit netbook from ~2006 that I still use all the time18:33
jaegerhrmm... speaking of 32-bit stuff I need to update some 32-bit ports18:55
prologicI think it would take more than a 32bit netbook19:11
prologicto be interested19:11
prologicyou kind of need to be running some number of computers 32bit19:11
prologicand have no good reason to upgrade them to 64bit19:11
prologicI dunno19:11
prologicI think 32bit is a waste of time ihmo19:11
jaegerdamn it, clock is wrong on my laptop19:23
jaegeroh well, whatever19:23
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Romsterdamn i was about to push cairo-32 and jaeger has already23:09
Romsterbeen too busy to get to anything until now.23:09

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