IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-02-02

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sepenArch Maintainer should be removed, right?!
prologicit's good to attribute the right folk :)04:15
sepenif we switched to x86_64 doesn't make sense to me04:18
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frinnstsepen, yes04:54
frinnstprologic: youre probably thinking of packager04:55
prologicprobably :)04:55
prologicbut we can just04:56
prologic# Arch Packager: <copy Arch Maintainer>04:56
frinnsthm, anybody else see this error building binutils 2.23.1 from core?06:09
frinnstrather, warning06:09
juefrinnst: checking now06:16
frinnsthm, works on my other box06:16
frinnstim playing with -Os06:16
frinnstthat triggered it it seems06:16
jueyep, works for me with default flags06:17
frinnstsame here06:18
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frinnstIm testing the glibc dos patch currently06:35
jueI saw some discussions about the patch in the mailing list and the patch isn't in git until now06:38
jueyeah, I'm still _not_ able to reproduce the crash06:39
frinnstwow, really?06:40
frinnsti've reproduced it on 3 3.0 installs06:42
juewhat do you use as input? I'm using the attachment of the original bug-report to bug-gnu-utils06:43
frinnstjust pasted the line from the bugzilla entry06:43
frinnstutf-8 encoded06:44
juestill no crash ;)06:46
frinnstwtf :)06:46
frinnstdid you have the git commit that added the patch?06:50
jueas I said, the patch is not yet in glibc.git06:51
frinnstah, sorry06:51
juenp :)06:51
frinnst"until now" <- tought it just had been added :)06:52
juesorry, my fault :)06:52
juebtw, I'd like to write a mail to CRUX to announce that we've stopped pushing non-security related stuff to 2.8, any objections?06:54
frinnstno, go nuts06:56
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frinnstnow for some mindless videogame violence07:02
AmnesiaI'm curious whether my onboard gpu will be able to render quake ^^07:50
jaegerjue: none here08:13
juethanks, mail sent08:19
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teK_MISSING   23c8765aa6ca188c0575386d5ea8fe70  libpng-1.5.13-apng.patch.gz12:00
teK_NEW       d84700d2d19cab28eaf21957d136aa18  libpng-1.5.13-apng.patch.gz12:00
teK_never mind..12:28
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