IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-02-03

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Romsterpitillo, this is how i made contrib/3.017:37
Romstergit push origin origin:refs/heads/3.017:37
Romstergit branch -r17:37
Romstergit fetch17:37
Romstergit branch 3.0 origin/3.017:37
Romstergit checkout 3.017:37
Romstergit pull . 2.817:37
Romsterdon't do "git pull . 2.8" after the initial one if your 2.8 branch has commits after that point that you do NOT want in 3.0 use cherry pick instead to pick out 2.8 commits to include into 3.017:39
Romsterelse you'll end up with a mess that recently happened in opt.17:40
Romsteri'm no git expert but i've kept myself out of git trouble so far :)17:41
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