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sepenoooops today I don't have any mail from Roelof Wobben, that is so weird xD01:59
frinnsthaha yeah dear god02:17
frinnstperhaps a procmail filter :)02:17
sepengreat idea! I'm gonna prepare some filters for my email client02:28
Romsteryeah i didn't think of that teK_03:15
sepenI moved my ck4up stuff to another box and got:03:30
sepenany idea how to solve that?03:31
sepenI experienced the same issue in the past, and seems that database files only work on the same box were created03:32
sepenam I wrong?03:32
juesepen: two problems, gdbm version 1.8 and 1.10 are not compatible, gdbm is not portable between 32/64 bit03:45
sepennah, both boxes are 32b, but version is the problem03:47
juesepen: sorry, the only way I see is to recreate the database03:47
jueor up/downgrade gdbm in your case03:48
sepennah don't worry, maybe I lost a pair of nightly checks03:48
sepenI think I'm going to create a temp port with 1.8 version for now03:49
sepenhmm there is no need, I can grab to my mpup.lst03:52
sepenhmmm also I need to rebuild ruby
sepenjue: I recently made some commits to webtools, but I think I should have permissions for gitweb and portdb in order to fix some things04:27
juesepen: sure, no objections but may I ask you to talk with teK_ about that?04:34
teK_sepen: I will come back to you tonight04:35
pedjafrinnst: I tried you pasted few days back.result is *** glibc detected *** sed: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00000000024f6b60 ***05:09
teK_pedja: while compiling lftp?05:12
pedjateK_: no, I ran frinnst posted few days back, he is chasing some glibc bug, iirc05:13
teK_ah ok05:14
teK_jue: lftp compiled for you, right?05:14
teK_I have the problem reported on configure-stage where it will hang because of malloc mem-corruption05:15
pedjajue compiled it on two systems without problems05:15
frinnstpedja: cool. seems only jue has troubles reproducing it05:18
frinnstbtw tek, i opened up our firewall for the crux-backup server05:18
frinnstssh is wide open :)05:18
teK_frinnst: so it was _your_ side refusing ssh?05:18
teK_ahem :P05:19
frinnstbut in case you wanna log on and try some other method05:19
teK_k, thx05:19
pedjafrinnst: can you compile lftp?05:19
teK_we will have to take the reverse route I think :|05:19
frinnst=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.05:19
frinnstno :)05:19
teK_update your ports tree!!!05:20
pedja4.4.1 compiles fine05:20
frinnstI sacrificed a goat earlier so it will probably succeed05:21
pedjaone goat per bug :)05:22
teK_= you ate it05:22
frinnstchecking for working re_compile_pattern...05:22
sepenhey someone with perms to edit run_check_urls?05:23
sepenneed to change 2.8 -> 3.005:23
pedjafrinnst: and that's about it, it hangs  there for eternity05:23
teK_check config.log, it will say smmth. about malloc(): memory corruption05:24
pedjaif i add --disbale-included-regex to configure, it builds05:24
teK_which is cheating :p05:24
sepen^^ from run_check_urls05:24
pedjafrinnst: did you install clean 3.0, or upgraded from 2.8?05:27
frinnstmight actually be related05:28
frinnstbut i've rebuilt everything lots of times05:28
teK_I did a fresh install05:28
teK_won't work either :)05:29
frinnstI have a patched glibc port at home. can give it a spin after work05:29
pedjait seems that jue sacrificed more goats than us, since everything works fine for him :)05:31
pedjatime for esspresssso05:32
frinnstnice. what kind of espresso hardware do you have?05:46
teK_pussy :p05:53
pedjafrinnst: the simplest kind, moka pot.
pedjai got addicted when I was in Italy last year06:00
pedjaIlly caffe ftw :)06:00
pedjamy dream is to have proper espresso machine, but that will have to wait.06:02
jaegerlast time I had coffee was at Per's in 200406:02
pedjajaeger: you are more of a bourbon guy, right?06:02
pedjajaeger: you are an atypical 'merican, my friend.Starbucks and all that ;)06:03
pedjatriple unicorn flavoured latte06:04
jaegerI've been in a starbucks twice and didn't buy anything :)06:04
pedjafree wifi?06:04
jaegerdefinitely atypical, yeah06:04
jaegerthey do have it but I was there for meetings06:04
jaegerone of our vendors always wants to meet there06:05
pedjayou got to have some vice :)06:06
pedjadon't tell me you are a vegan, too06:06
jaegernope, definitely not vegan, not even vegetarian :D06:07
pedjagood, i was worried for a second :)06:07
pedjafrinnst: so, show us your espresso making aparatus06:08
pedjabtw, how much is Nexus 4 in .se ?06:10
jaegerunrelated to coffee, gives me permission denied when mirroring06:10
teK_3.0, too?06:11
jaegerjust 2.806:12
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frinnstlftp builds with a patched glibc btw08:43
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/lftp#4.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.08:44
juethe lftp thing is strange, tested it on 4 boxes now, 2x 2.8 2x 3.0, works all over09:21
juefrinnst: are you using special CFLAGS?09:25
frinnstjust CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe"10:37
frinnstsandy bridge10:38
frinnstI could reproduce it on my amd too10:38
frinnstcute, i cant reproduce it on my backupbox10:40
frinnsti think it uses the glibc from the iso10:41
jueglibc from the iso here too10:43
jueand default CFLAGS, -march=x86-64, here10:44
frinnstonce i generated locales and set it up properly it throws an error again11:19
frinnstim using LANG=en_US.utf811:28
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juefrinnst: found it :)11:52
jueI'm using LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 but overwrite LC_COLLATE with C to get a "useful" sorting11:53
jueif you do a export LC_COLLATE=C the test should run without crash11:53
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pedjait does not crash, but lftp still hangs at configure12:31
teK_someone posted to lftp's ML and reported the problem12:33
teK_but this guy posts as much as Roelof Wobben12:34
juefinally it's a glibc bug that get triggered by lftp's configure12:47
juebut a official fix for it is still not in glibc.git12:58
juepedja: if you set LC_COLLATE to C in your .bashrc or whatever lftp should build, at least if you didn't set LC_ALL13:06
pedjaLC_ALL is unset, export=LC_COLLATE=C.13:07 that frinnst posted works, lftp hangs13:08
teK_same here13:12
teK_i.e. LC_COLLATE=C ./configure .. won't work13:13
frinnstwee, new firefox13:15
frinnstas usual a silent update it appears13:16
teK_I love this picture13:19
pedjafrinnst: my firefox-bin says 18.0.1 is the latest13:21
pedjarelease channel and all that jazz13:22
frinnstyeah but they have put up tarballs and stuff13:23
pedjaapparently 4Gb or RAM are not enough to build it, so I am using binary13:23
pedjait is insane that qt4 builds just fine, and ff will not13:24
frinnstnot using a swap, or what?13:25
pedjaand ff on android sucks galaxies thru nanotubes13:25
pedjafrinnst: 2Gb of swap, uses 200Mb maybe13:25
frinnstany page allocation failures or does it simply run out of ram?14:02
pedjafrinnst: I get no space left on device at nearly the end of build14:06
frinnstah, ramdisk?14:09
frinnstjue: dear god14:10
pedjafrinnst: yes14:10
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