IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-02-06

Romsteri found some more links teK_ need updating to 3.0 on portsdb for P F M01:32
teK_Romster: pardon?01:59
teK_you mean after the branch fucku some days ago?01:59
Romsterno the portsdb ya know the links of P F M on the files secontion of the table point to 2.8 instead of 3.002:12
Romsterjust the wrong path02:12
Romsterexample that failes sed the 2.8 to 3.0 and works again02:12
RomsterteK_, just some other 2.8 to 3.0 number changes that haven't been done yet.02:13
Romsternothing todo with git fuckup.02:13
frinnstits not a hard dep romster02:22
Romsteroh failed on me.02:27
Romsteri'll have to recompile again without icu -_-02:27
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sepenteK_: sorry, last night I had an unexpected visit from a friend02:45
frinnstbut you had icu installed and firefox failed?02:45
juegood morning02:51
juestill no idea why I cannot reproduce the lftp build problem02:52
juesepen: are you are using UTF-8?02:56
Romsterno i had harfbuzz compiled against icu, then later on i removed all ports and did a prt-get depinst firefox.. which failed. as harfbuzz was linked with icu and not installed.03:48
jueyeah, think I found it :)03:57
jueregex.m4 explicit set LC_ALL to en_US.UTF8, but I'd only de_DE.UTF8,C and POSIX locale installed, regex.m4 did the test different04:00
juewith installed en_US.UTF8 configure hangs04:01
juegood to know that everything is reasonable ;)04:05
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teK_Romster: I don't get what you want. There's no harfbuzz Port in 2.804:35
teK_jue: yeah but who to blame, bind seems to use the same test04:36
jueteK_: it's definitely a glibc bug04:41
RomsterteK_, all the urls point to the 2.8 tree not just harfbuzz all of them04:42
Romsterand they 404 now04:42
Romstergo on portsdb look at any port and click ont he P F or M link they do not point to the 3.0 ports tree.04:43
Romsteram i that hard to get a simple point across...04:43
Romsteroh that does work as it's in 2.804:44
jueteK_: obviously older versions of lftp are using a different regex.m404:44
Romsterbut the urls should be 3.0 now.04:44
Romsteri wonder how many more places you got 2.8 that need to be 3.004:45
teK_this is just not true:  ;) ;)04:46
teK_thanks for noticing04:46
teK_so I checked portdb and check_urls04:59
teK_wtf :p04:59
teK_these are hilarious05:00
frinnstthis one is better:05:01
teK_srsly? :D05:02
teK_frinnst: you're an ass :D05:02
teK_errm btw: :>05:03
teK_also note that frinnst keeps the image in his top-level directory on!05:03
teK_Roelof is back05:21
teK_so. I'm off. Have to give proof worthy studying for a master's degree @university. :O05:25
jaegergood luck :)06:04
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teK_oh I'm _so_ worthy07:24
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sepenteK_: ping07:32
sepengot your email07:39
sepenthanks for editing those files07:39
sepenbut there is one should be modified too07:39
sepenpublic_html/gitweb/gitweb.cgi, please change xfce and e17 to 3.007:40
sepenand about portdb/index.php see:;a=commitdiff;h=566f9f455eb5b9eefb807db26addb58df8478f6407:41
teK_sounds right ;)07:42
sepenI'm maintaining webtools.git so thats for what I though in having more perms to some files, but if you're always active there is no need07:42
teK_I just granted you permission to portdb/07:43
sepenwhy not 'webtools' group instead of portdb?07:45
sepenI'll be the secondary maintainer with you07:45
teK_what else do you need, public_html?07:45
sepenwe used to have a group per repo.git, right?07:46
sepenhehehe, ya07:46
teK_so you want to access all web files?07:46
sepenI think there is no need, only things related to webtools.git07:47
sepenanyways I like to have consensus before changing something relevant07:49
sepento change 2.8 -> 3.0 is something trivial07:50
sepenteK_: I see the changes in the server, thanks! ;D07:54
teK_local ist fixed, too08:45
teK_let me  know if there's anything else you need08:45
sepennah, many thanks08:46
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Romsteroh for gods sake...23:11
Romsteri won that week too23:12

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