IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-02-07

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Romster-# Depends on:  dbus, glib, xorg-libx1102:05
Romster+# Depends on:  dbus glib intltool xorg-libxtst02:05
Romsterelse it don't build on a prt-get depinst at-spi2-core02:05
frinnstcheers. I'll have a look this evening02:22
frinnstcould you email me just in case i forget? fredrik@crux.nu02:23
frinnsti think :)02:23
Romster am i going crazy jue opened it for jue.02:24
Romsterno frinnst02:24
Romsternothing major just a couple of deps02:27
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rmullopt/gftp syncs a pkgmk.log accidentally, heads up17:24
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