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frinnsthey sepen. new flash out.. Who should maintain it in opt now?02:03
frinnstI used to do it for the 64-branch02:03
sepenwould you like to change maintainer as was in 32b?02:05
sepenI received apsb13-04 bulletin02:06
frinnstI dont mind maintaining it, but if you like to continiue its fine with me02:07
frinnstI dont really have a heavy workload of ports, so if you like some relief i dont mind02:07
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sepenfrinnst: I'll adopt it03:02
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Romstersepen, chromium is missing gperf03:21
Romstersh: gperf: command not found03:21
Romstercalling gperf failed: 32512 at /usr/ports/work/chromium/src/chromium-24.0.1312.52/third_party/WebKit/Source/WebCore/css/ line 16403:21
Romsterbuilds once gperf is added to deps.03:21
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sepenhmm thanks I research a bit03:30
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frinnstwow, mailer freakout05:48
jaegerboom goes the inbox05:53
jaegerit seems to be only the revert messages that cause it, are the quotes the problem?05:54
jaegerfirefox 17... what?05:59
jaegerAm I receiving notifies that were moderated?05:59
jaegernov 2005:59
jaegeroh... master branch06:03
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jaegeramusingly yahoo is blocking mail from crux.nu06:52
frinnstlets block them back06:58
Romsterwho broke it :D06:59
jaegerno idea, don't have time to diagnose right now07:03
jaegerI did stop postfix, though07:04
Romsterheading to bed and i'll be out for a few days07:10
Romstertaking a week off work so i might not be on much07:10
jue.oOo. what's up? :)08:32
jaegerlots of [notify] emails with post/opt (master) subjects08:36
jueyeah, got them too but have no idea what has triggered it08:37
jaegerI haven't had time to look, fairly busy at work today08:38
jaegerI stopped postfix for now, though, to stop the flood08:38
jaegerwe might need to clear out mailman's queue or one of postfix's, depending on where the messages are currently08:39
jueyeah, if I look at the messages I'd say someone has merged from 2.8 to our master branch, but I can't see anything like that08:41
prologicwtf guys?08:43
prologic55+ emails08:43
prologicalmost all crux notifications?08:43
prologicgood lord!08:43
frinnstwe thought you were lonely08:43
frinnstmaybe some emails might cheer you up :)08:44
prologiccrap dude08:45
prologicmy iPad and iPhone just went off so much08:46
prologicmy wife had to mute them!08:46
prologicanyway, it's late08:46
prologicg'night :)08:46
jaegerok, has anyone already looked at what started the spam or should I look into it now?11:04
jaegerfirst mail with ports/opt (master) was flash-player-plugin at 14:45 CET, looks like11:09
jaeger639ea2529e7497f49881b1ce5c89e1fc62a2712a is the commit hash11:19
jaegergit log in opt doesn't even show it11:19
jaeger$ git show 639ea211:19
jaegerfatal: ambiguous argument '639ea2': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.11:19
jaegerare git hook scripts logged anywhere?11:22
jaegerI don't see where the master stuff came from at all... could this happen if someone pushes from a local repo with misnamed branches?11:29
jaegerteK_, frinnst, jue: any opinions on this stuff? Should I just clear out the mailman in.oops and retry queues and restart postfix? we should investigate what the update script is actually piping to mail11:46
jaegermight be the problem with the reverts as well11:46
jaegerI've got to go upgrade another server's RAM, AFK11:49
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jaegerok, back12:18
jaegerThere are 47800 messages in the mailman queue directories12:22
jaegerI wonder how many of those are for crux-commits@12:23
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jaegerprobably too late for you guys right now, or you're out having fun :) I'm leaving this alone for now, just keep in mind is sending no mails right now14:11
jaeger;a=commit;h=639ea2529e7497f49881b1ce5c89e1fc62a2712a <-- forgot to link that earlier14:18
jaegermaybe a cherry-picking issue?14:18
jaegerAnyway, time to leave work14:18
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