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jaegerteK_: ignore my comment about the master hook and individual emails; it's a for loop in the hook that generates the emails anyway, so that wouldn't matter04:54
jaeger <-- example of the 'pre-receive' hook barfing on a 'master' branch push07:12
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juejaeger: thanks for fixing our mail mess07:43
jaegerno problem :) I'm working on better git hooks now, I'll post them here for review07:43
jaegerthe pre-receive is ready, I think, just need to upload07:43
jaegerI've also written a post-receive to do the email notifications but it's fairly ugly in bash. I'll convert it to python07:47
juepre-receive looks good to me07:57
jaegergood, thanks for looking :)07:57
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jaegerok, testing the post-receive email generator as a pre-receive hook on my local git so I can verify the emails are sent properly :D09:39
jaegerand spam the hell out of myself09:41
juevideo-intel -> :)09:56
jueguess GKH forgot to mention that libdbus finally will be called systemd-dbus ->
juesorry, will stop now with pasting random stuff here :)10:11
jaegerthat's a log from my latest test of the post-receive (running as a pre-receive so I could do it repeatedly without actually pushing anything)10:21
jaegerI limited it to 25 emails just to keep the output reasonable10:21
jaeger <-- one of the emails it sent10:22
jaegerI added X-Git-Commit and X-Git-Refname headers, though maybe nobody will care about them10:23
juecool, looks very nice :)10:25
jaegerI will post the script itself after I add some commenting10:25
jueI'm off for today now but will look at it tomorrow morning10:27
jaegertake care10:33
jaegerok, here are the finished hooks: and
jaegerteK_, frinnst, jue: comments/questions welcome. I'm not putting them in place until everyone signs off on them, just in case.10:56
jaegerthis post-receive hook fixes the revert bounces, too, tested that10:57 posting should be fixed now, too. The list was set to discard everything sent to it, regardless of who sent it11:37
jaegernow it should be set to accept mail from, hold mail from any subscribed member in the moderator list, and discard everything else immediately11:37
frinnstnice weekend work :D12:25
frinnstfrom what i can tell reading the code it looks ok12:28
frinnstno "rm -rf /" or anything12:28
frinnstI dont really speak python so12:33
jaegerWell, if you want me to clarify something that isn't explained by the comments feel free to ask12:43
frinnstwell, assuming the code does what it says in the comment - it looks good :)12:57
jaegerIt does in my tests but I do appreciate you looking at it, I'm certainly not perfect12:59
jaegerNo need to learn python, of course, I just figured if anyone spotted a flow problem or something I could fix it12:59
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sepenjaeger: around here?14:03
sepenI read the irclog and seen all the work you had to do for my fault, I'm really sorry and thank you for being where I was not14:12
jaegerDon't worry about it, mistakes happen :) Not a big problem14:12
sepenI'm really embarrassed, I thought I did a shit solved in git but I paid no attention to the hook scripts, pffffffff14:12
jaegerIt did help expose some problems with our git hooks :)14:12
sepenyeah I read your new scripts14:13
sepenbut I'm really ashamed14:13
jaegerDon't worry, it's not a big deal14:13
sepenbut I can not reduce the impact I've had on the list subscribers14:14
jaegerWell, we caught it before it sent them all, so it could have been worse14:14
jaegerjust think, it tried (and failed) to send 7.3k messages to crux-commits, but only 280 to crux14:14
sepenyeah, thats for what I'm really sorry14:14
sepencan't imagine the impact could happened without you14:14
sepenpfff and this compromises the seriousness of your job due to me14:15
jaegerA few emails won't really hurt anyone in the long run, it's ok14:15
sepenis all the work done? can I help on something?14:15
jaegerYeah, it's all done now except to replace the git hooks. I just wanted to post them for review before replacing them14:16
jaegerI disabled the current 'update' hook so it won't send any emails right now but everything else works14:16
sepenI could edit the mbox file manually if that helps14:17
jaegerIf you want to, sure... I don't have a strong feeling about the archives14:17
jaegerup to you :)14:17
sepennah, I'll copy the mbox file and do the job locally14:18
sepenI feel bad, I have to do something14:18
sepensorry again :P14:18
jaegerhehe, it's ok14:19
sepenyou are a great guy14:19
sepenmuchas gracias14:19
jaegerI appreciate that but don't tell anyone! I've got my reputation to uphold14:19
jaegerfrinnst: that handbrake thing looks like some inception-style shit, heh14:22
jaegera52dec inside the contrib dir in the source14:22
frinnsthah, damn14:25
sepenjaeger: please, could you copy /usr/mailman/archives/private/crux to my home?14:26
frinnstit fetches sources from the makefile14:26
jaegersepen: sure, sec14:30
jaegerlot of files :)14:32
jaegerok, it's done14:32
sepenwell, only 2013-february its need it14:33
jaegertrue, didn't think of that before I copied it :) it's only 151M, just lots of files14:33
sepenI'll scp only related files to my pc14:34
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sepenjaeger: still here?17:01
sepensed 5512,47929d -i 2013-February.txt will delete all opt (master) messages17:02
sepenjaeger: I need crux.mbox file to test17:12
sepenthanks in advance and good night17:12
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jaegersepen: the only crux.mbox file on the server is in cptn's homedir, dated 200617:30
jaegerit seems like the current mailman doesn't use an mbox file17:30
jaegerooh, wait, never mind, locate was lying to me17:31
jaegerok, copied into your homedir17:31
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