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sepenjaeger: thanks01:53
sepenjaeger: I finished to edit the mbox file, let me know when you have some spare time02:05
jaegersepen: I'm here now, had to upgrade RAM in 3 more servers this morning05:46
sepenjaeger: we had some similar in the past with spam notification messages
frinnstjaeger: nice, how many gigs are they sporting now? :)05:48
sepenI removed all master messages from the mbox file05:49
sepen$ du -hs crux.mbox*05:49
jaegerfrinnst: 144GB, max for that model (Sun Fire X4170)05:50
jaegersepen: ok. Is it easy to regenerate the mailman archives from that?05:50
jaegerI've done 8 servers, 6 left to go :)05:51
frinnstwe have an extra 16gb in our biggest, 160G. The rest are an older gen and only have maybe 40gigs each05:52
jaegerMost of ours had 24GB to start, 5 of them had 48GB05:52
jaegerso it's a really nice bump05:52
frinnstheh, no kiddingh05:52
frinnstour old ones are still ddr2, so pointless to upgrade05:52
sepenjaeger: I'm preparing some doc steps to you, let me a sec05:53
jaegeryeah, ddr2 totally not worth it now =/05:53
frinnstYou don't have permission to access /pipermail/crux/ on this server.05:59
sepen same06:00
jaegerwe're regenerating them right now06:01
sepenohh yeah06:01
frinnstfigured, just thought id make sure :)06:01
sepenspam was also listed in May2007 and Aug2008, same [notify] issue06:02
sepenI think now it will dissapear06:02
jaegeraccessible now?06:03
jaegerthere are still a few (master) ones in february06:03
jaegernot as many, though06:03
sepenstill some master notifications06:04
jaegersepen: did you do it with sed or just add the .mbox file to your mail client and delete the mails?06:04
sepenprevious emails dissapeared, I mean Aug200806:05
jaegerjust curious, I figure the latter would be easier :)06:05
sepenmaybe I forget some emails06:05
jaegernon in may 2007, either06:05
jaegerer, none06:05
sepenehehe I forget some emails06:06
sepensorry I edit .mbox again06:07
jaegerhehe, ok06:07
sepencould you repeat again, I sed'ed again the mbox file in my home06:09
sepenand yes, maybe just add the .mbox file to my mail client would be easier ;)06:13
sepenwell, as the emails were consecutive has not been much work at all06:15
jaegerthat's convenient, yeah06:15
jaegerlooks like you got them all06:15
sepenso done?06:16
jaegerI think so06:16
sepenufff, now I feel a little better, thanks for being there06:17
jaegerno problem06:17
sependo you think I should send an email for apologizes?06:17
jaegerUp to you. Personally I don't think it's a big deal but your call06:18
sepenmaybe if I had done at the same moment that happened06:20
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juejaeger: post-receive looks nice and clean to me09:51
jaegergood, thanks for checking :)09:52
juethank you for all the work :)09:53
jaegerno problem, glad to help09:54
sepenhey jue12:03
sepengot my mail?12:03
sepenjue: I saw your email(s) and as soon as I got home I talked to jaeger12:05
sepenI give thanks that he was aware ;P12:05
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jaegeris still really running crux 2.4?14:47
jaegeralso it doesn't seem to have a 64-bit capable CPU :D no 3.0 for, hehe14:47
teK_as soon the backup stuff is running we/I can look into upgrading to a more recent version14:49
teK_but for now I'm afk ;)14:49
jaegerNo problem, I was just curious14:52
jaegerteK_: did you get a chance to check out my git hook updates or too busy? no worries if not14:52
jaegerhrmm... is there a reason nss in 2.8 is still broken or did it just get overlooked?16:12
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frinnststill broken?23:18
frinnstfirst i've heard of it23:18
frinnstwhen i pushed the last nss for 2.8 i maybe only "assumed" it worked, since it ran well on 3.023:19
frinnstbut never heard any complaints23:19
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