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frinnstim so sick of these mails07:29
frinnstwould anybody mind if i replied "no, go away"? :)07:29
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sepenany idea why we don't have opt/pear?07:31
sepenI located pear in 2.7 and was removed as orphaned07:32
sepenI'll maintain again, since has pear installed and I want pear for too07:33
frinnst"oops" ?07:33
frinnstyeah seems i wiped it07:35
frinnstaon was listed as maintainer still07:35
frinnstand untouched for 3 years07:35
sepenI've no idea about pear, seems to me like ruby gems07:36
sepenthe fact is that portdb stuff in uses DB.php installed via pear07:37
sepenI think it would be fine to still maintain that port07:37
sepenseems that need more work :P07:46
sepenhmmm or we can remove --without-pear from php508:02
sepenwhat do you think jue?08:03
sepenI've an updated Pkgfile for pear, but problems is pear-registry.tgz which only cares about old modules
horrorStrucksepen: if you have the opportunity, giflib is at 5.0.4 and openldap at 2.4.33, using both without any issue. TIA08:05
sepenhorrorStruck: thanks08:07
horrorStrucksepen: np, thanks to you08:08
sepenhorrorStruck: the fact is that today I updated my ck4up's stuff for opt
sepenthey were missing in my config file08:09
sepenfor some reason I forgot to add them08:10
horrorStruckok, gracias :)08:11
horrorStruckmaybe hal is superfluous, isn't it dead already?08:13
frinnstit should be08:14
frinnstdie die die08:14
horrorStruckoh wait, maybe cinnamon needs it :P08:14
sepenshould drop hal08:15
horrorStruckyes it's a deadend08:16
sepenprt-get dependent --all hal shows no results08:17
sepenabout pear, I just rebuilt the registry files and seems that now the port is ready08:31
juesepen: I'd prefer to keep pear in a separate port, but it shouldn't be a big problem to create one similar to the other php-* ports08:47
sepenworked fine here, and I updated .registry files08:48
sepenI tried to install DB again successfully
juecool, problem solved :)08:50
sepenalso version for all packages installed are now fine with new registry08:50
sepenand registry is not need to be placed in distfiles, only 19K of tar.xz08:51
sepenpfff s/php5/php/08:57
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jaegerwelcome to roelof-list12:02
frinnstfucking insane12:14
jaegerI don't mind when people ask questions... that's fine... but I really don't understand why he keeps trying so hard to use CRUX but isn't willing to try harder to troubleshoot his own stuff and learn how ports and autotools work12:15
frinnstyeah and asking what specific flags does when he simply can look it up12:16
frinnsthe pasted a url to the mate forum/bugtracker earlier.. he had posted maybe 4-5 questions in the same thread and nobody had replied12:17
frinnsttake a hint? :)12:17
jaegerI think he did that to the cinnamon folks, too12:17
frinnstyeah sorry, i was thinking of cinnamon12:18
frinnstidle     : 21 days 13 hours 5 mins 17 secs [signon: Thu Jan 24 07:48:57 201312:21
frinnstmy buddy that died.. still idles on irc. creeps me the fuck out12:21
jaegerThat is a bit weird12:21
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sepenjaeger: new hook scripts worked like a charm!12:36
jaegerExcellent :)12:36
sepenhmmm the list12:40
sepenwhy not to use a blacklist setup12:40
jaegerWell, I don't feel like we need to be mean to the guy, he just needs to try harder12:41
sepenhe should start to create a tiny port, not a bigger one12:41
frinnstyeah. or perhaps kindly suggest he try out a different distribution? )12:41
sepenand read more12:41
sepenwell, I remember when I migrated to CRUX, in these days I was trying to learn how to create a distro, and CRUX were the basics to me12:43
frinnstbut crux LACKS basics!!12:44
sepenI think he should start with lfs instead of CRUX, or whatever more complicated ;D12:45
jaegerI think he'd be fine if he'd just work harder on troubleshooting things but maybe I'm too picky12:46
sepenand read more12:46
sepenthere are tons of Pkgfiles to read and take as examples12:46
sepenand imho he never read our handbook (from top to bottom)12:47
sepenman its so complicated to start with autotools for your first port12:48
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sepenfrinnst: wow12:57
sependisconnecting from 'stoned' server? lol12:58
frinnstthey threw rocks at it :(13:08
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RomsterRoelof my gawd... read though them and most of it is just not worth reading16:42
Romstereek i'm not gonna touch cinnamon far too many gnome deps he be best to use it with mate or even use arch that has it already packaged16:50
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