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frinnstnew coreutils application: numfmt01:43
frinnstjust what i needed :)01:43
Romsteri hate the fact they renmumbered Kb from 1024 to 1000 and KiB is now 1024 and the same for all the other units, not everything is correct with the Si units now.01:48
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frinnstholy fuck04:54
frinnstnow he wants us to change core and opt ports to suit hes needs04:55
RomsterGlib will have to be 2.35 so a little update which can be without any problems.05:13
Romsterlittle update yeah to an unstable dev version no thanks.05:14
RomsterThe next packages schould change rm /usr/local in /usr/local/share so that the gir package which will be in /usr/local/gir-1.0 is not deleted.05:14
Romsterwell that wont be much work but i think he'll ave to wait for glib 2.36.x to be released. for the former problem.05:15
Romsterhmm what is this gir stuff anyways. and why is it in /usr/local and not /usr/share/.../gio05:16
frinnsti dont know and i dont care05:25
frinnstfuck him05:25
frinnstso fucking annoyed05:25
teK_there there05:26
Romsteri just looked at atk i see no gir-1.005:28
Romsteri'm not gonna build that many deps to see what's the go with Cinnamon05:30
Romsterhe can just copy and edit as he likes.05:30
Romsterfrinnst, if he annoys you that much filter him into your junk box.05:34
Romstererr junk mail05:35
frinnstyeah im about to05:41
Romsterjust as long as i'm not in that directory <_<05:43
frinnsthehe no05:43
frinnstim usually difficult to annoy, but this guy really pushes my buttons for some reason05:43
Romsteri must admit he is becoming irritating to me but i'm not that angry yet.05:44
Romsterhell if i needed a change i'd fork everything why can't he05:44
frinnstits like he's the only person in the world05:45
jaegerIn the mate ports we override the ports that need introspection support05:45
jaegerHe's welcome to do that with his own repo05:45
Romsteryeah i'm guessing that gir-1.0 comes form gobject-introspection05:46
Romstergnome deps in general get on my nerves.05:46
Romsterun-necessary complicated05:47
frinnsthey romster, you do some support for smaller businesses, right? have you come across office 365?05:48
frinnstif you want to get annoyed, use that :)05:48
Romsterwe deal with all sorts of businesses. but i have never herd of or seen office 36505:49
Romsterwhat sort of joke is that?05:49
jaegerintrospection isn't specifically a gnome thing, other stuff uses it as well05:49
Romsterthere is office 2013 pc, 2011 mac iirc05:50
jaegerSeriously, you've never even HEARD of it?05:50
jaegerEven I've heard of it and I do linux full time05:50
Romsterhmm k well i saw other gnome deps for Cinnamon in arch's package manager that was enough to turn me off trying it.05:50
Romsterno not even herd of it. maybe the other it guy has.05:51
Romstersince he does exchange servers05:51
jaegerYeah, cinnamon and mate both have plenty of gnome type stuff05:52
Romsteri spend most of my time fixxing office outlook, quickbooks, myob, accounting stuff... windows, regestery, viruses,spyware, hdd errors and other hardware faults.05:52
Romsternot to mention photocopiers, soldering dc sockets on laptops that are broken... (haven't had any of them in awhile)05:53
jaegerI would hate that job :)05:53
jaegerMost end user support I try to avoid05:53
jaegerHave to do some of it, of course, but not the majority05:53
Romsteroh and i fixed up a av receiver power supply much to the bosses surprise it was pretty simply fix new switch mode power supply chip 2 resistors and a fuse.05:54
Romsterthis is why i took a week off, i should of made it two weeks off...05:54
Romsteroh and adsl faults those are fun and other networking issues.05:54
Romsterhate phone support.05:54
RomsterOffice 365 suite, what is so specal about that compare to office 2013?05:56
Romsteroffice is a suite by nature.05:56
RomsterThey refer to the suite as Office 365 preview, but the software busts as (product) 2013.05:57
Romsteri odn't get it.05:57
jaegerIt's a cloud service05:57
Romsteralso i hate the ribbon it's annoying. it slows me down as i knew where everything was before they decided to move it all.05:58
Romsteri new all the menus now it's liek do i click on this or that icon? or is ther ea right click hidden menu somewhere.05:59
Romsterfor additional stuff.05:59
Romsterargh i want my old menu back05:59
Romsteroffice 365 is just cloud for office 2013 then06:00
Romsterthere is already a method to remote login to outlook on a exchange server.06:01
Romsterand those that need there profile remotely use a VPN06:02
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Romsterguess it might be easier for some customers... but i don't see any need.06:03
Romsterthose that need the files on a few items could also use dropbox.06:04
Romsteras for the job jaeger it's the only one i got other than weekend pa work.06:04
teK_the thing is: MS Office is the Suite that sucks least06:04
Romsterif i could get a better job i would.06:04
teK_sadly. :)06:04
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jaegerhrmm... ZFS' shadow copy is pretty cool when it works06:05
Romsterpain in the ass if i use openoffice then no one can even open the files safe it as a pdf sure but can't edit later.06:05
jaegerRomster: I didn't say you should change jobs, just that it's one I wouldn't want06:05
Romsteror libreoffice or the many other names of forks it goes by06:05
sepenif you can't change then change the world06:05
jaegerIt's just the one name, I think06:06
jaegerstaroffice -> openoffice -> libreoffice06:06
Romsteri wish i could change jobs i hate dealing with customers.06:06
Romsterit kills my brain cells at work.06:06
jaegerI could be wrong, I just thought it had switched names, maybe it's a fork06:06
jaegerLooks like it did, apache openoffice is a thing too06:06
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jaegerignore me, I don't know what I'm talking about today06:06
Romsterya like 2 forks off openoffice that came from staroffice.06:07
jaegerstaroffice turned into openoffice, libreoffice forked06:07
jaegerso I guess it's 2 now instead of 106:07
Romsterlibreoffice is accepting and gathering patches that openoffice rejected06:07
Romstersome aspects of my job are fine... but the customers side is argh, specially when they fail to mention something that could of saved me hours of work.06:08
Romsterlike 1 pc faulty sectors on hdd, ok clone repair... turns out the graphics is also broken and intermittent i tried ram and everything... in this all in one pc.06:09
Romsterto end up giving up on not worth fixing.06:10
Romsteri go back to the madness next week, we'll see how busy it was, and if there is any jobs left waiting that are too hard form them, ie data recovery.06:12
Romsteri even managed to recover data from a raid0 set06:12
Romsterthat would not assemble.06:12
Romsterno one there thought i could get anything back06:13
Romsterit depends on the circumstances as you would be aware.06:13
Romsteri wouldn't mind changing jobs at some point but dunno when that will happen06:14
frinnstwe use o365 mostly for hosted exchange and we are looking at ms "in tune"06:17
frinnstfor clients06:17
Romsterzzz time06:46
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sepenjue: have you ever setup php + sqlite3? or somebody?10:25
teK_you mean PHP itself?10:25
teK_as (your) portdb uses sqlite already10:26
sepenjust I'm trying to run our pdbcacher.php in another box (running crux-2.8-i686 uptodate) but failed, also I tried a test script10:26
teK_what's DB.php10:27
sepenteK_: yep, I wanna use the same portdb stuff for, but seems that I can't reproduce the full installation10:27
sepenteK_: our pdbcacher.php and portdb/index.php are using it10:27
teK_configuration stuff I suppose10:27
sepenit comes from pear10:27
sepenthats for what I rescued pear to maintain10:27
teK_figure out which code (db.php or not) causes the extension error10:27
teK_the pear stuff is in your include path?10:29
sepen$ grep 'extension not found' -r /usr/share/pear/*10:29
sepen/usr/share/pear/php/DB.php:                DB_ERROR_EXTENSION_NOT_FOUND=> 'extension not found',10:29
sepenteK_: is in my include path, as says in README file10:29
sepennote that the error says: 'DB Error: extension not found' so DB.php is loaded10:30
teK_what a mess10:30
sepenyeah, and if someday we migrate this should be closed before10:31
teK_that will be another story :p10:31
sepenteK_: most things running on were migrated to which runs 2.8 now10:31
sepenfs, mailman, pmwiki, gitweb, etc.10:32
prologicwe're migrating
teK_not yet.10:32
teK_upgrading > migrating ;)10:33
sepenbut imho we should be ready for whatever that could happen10:33
teK_yes. :)10:33
prologicso we're moving to a different domain or what?10:33
sepenteK_: I migrate when 2.6 appears, then I use setup from 2.6 -> 2.7 -> 2.7.1 -> 2.810:33
teK_nice chain ;)10:34
teK_prologic: no, why?10:34
prologicoh :)10:34
prologicI'm still on 2.6 :(10:34
teK_I won't tell what runs :D10:34
prologic2.2? :)10:35
prologic$ ssh bart "crux && uptime"10:35
prologicCRUX version 2.710:35
prologic 10:35:16 up 557 days,  7:06,  0 users,  load average: 0.69, 0.45, 0.2610:35
teK_there are companies running gateways with linux 2.2.2010:35
sepenprologic: neat!10:35
teK_FS is resierfs as it was the only journaling FS back then :D10:35
teK_with - ... - plenty bugs in the form of FS corruption10:36
sepenteK_: and what about software written in cobol and running fine today?10:36
prologic$ ssh admin.gglen "crux && uptime"10:36
prologicCRUX version 2.310:36
prologic 04:34:48 up 18 days, 13:19,  0 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0010:36
teK_errr I do not want to know how many open sec vulns this beast exposes10:36
prologicI guess I have some old systems out there too10:36
sepenI'm running 2.1 on my old 486 laptop10:37
sepenon a cflash card ;D10:37
sepenuCRUX rocks10:37
prologicspeaking of which10:38
prologicdid anyone get CRUX running on a RPi ?10:38
sepenprologic: sure, go to crux-arm.nu10:38
prologicI have a Model B here but I haven't had much time to play10:38
prologicgreat :)10:39
sepenprologic: and optimized packages10:39
sepenthere is an optimized released with hardfp support10:39
teK_I'd love to build a media station on a RPi10:39
prologicone step closer to a CRUX + RPi powered Mindstorms LEGO Robot :)10:39
prologicOh and Python + circuits powered!10:39
sepenyou can run a pure CRUX in RPi10:39
prologicthat's what I was hoping for :)10:40
prologicand many folks have gotten Rasbmc and now even XBMC runs fine on RPi10:40
sepenpitillo and jaeger worked a lot to have an optimized release10:40
prologicsweet :)10:42
sepenwell, the page news a little modification, we released 2.8 some days ago10:45
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Amnesiado you folks actually compile everything on it, or do you cross compile^^?13:20
pitilloon it Amnesia, we let full crossbuilds in 2.6. Now only core ports are crossbuilt but later, they are natively rebuilt13:28
Amnesiahow long does it take to compile firefox13:28
Amnesia3 days:P?13:28
pitilloqt4 takes more :P13:28
Romsterfrinnst, seems that Roelof has given up...13:32
Amnesiapitillo: I would consider running crux on my rpi if there were binary packages:)13:35
pitilloCRUX is source oriented, you have lot of choices out there Amnesia :)13:44
Amnesia-> crosscompilation13:45
pitilloyou are free to do it too. I have been messing with it and really Iprefer to build nativelly13:47
Amnesiaso how long does it take to get a core system up and running?13:47
pitillothe best of this world are alternatives13:48
pitillowhat do you mean?crosscompiled core isn't too hard as there are't much dependncies13:49
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teK_you scared him away14:00
teK_I have decided to quit porting and quit crux linux.14:00
jaegerI told him several times the mate ports did some of the things he was asking about...14:21
pitillolot of people told him a lot of smallsteps and I'm not sure if he followed any14:24
frinnstreally? ive not seen any mail regarding that xD14:55
jaegerMy comments were in irc14:55
Amnesiapitillo: what's "not too hard" -> 1 day^^?15:03
pitilloAmnesia: I don't understand you. Cross build an entire collections of core ports will take its time, less than building them nativelly15:06
pitilloif you use prebuilt crosstools you'll avoid that build time too15:07
pitilloif you want to build an entire cross system, take a look to OE for example15:07
AmnesiaI was talking 'bout building the core natively15:09
pitilloif all things are right and there is no need to research, on the rpi I think nearest 2 days, gcc build is big15:11
Amnesiajesus christ><15:19
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