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frinnstisnt qemu-kvm pretty redundant these days? since qemu supports it too07:43
jaegerAnyone familiar with how to fix a mysql database that's been upgraded from 5.0 to 5.1 without dumping the databases first?07:47
frinnstnope. what are you upgrading? ubuntu / debian?08:04
jaegeran old debian 5 install08:04
frinnstremember when i upgraded our debian5 servers to 6 at work. went surprisingly painless08:04
frinnstwe had a few mysql running on those08:04
jaegerI think these tables were broken in mysql 5.0 as well08:04
jaeger0-length .ISD or .MYD files in some cases08:04
jaegerYeah, I'm thinking more and more this is not an artifact of the mysql 5.0 to 5.1 upgrade but that they were already broken and nobody complained :)08:06
frinnstits completely broken with 5.1?08:10
frinnstno backups of the old 5.0 db?08:11
jaegerI have backups but they seem to be broken in the 5.0 backup as well, as in they were broken before the backup took place08:15
jaegerit's not all tables, just a few08:15
jaegerall the tables that worked in the 5.0 backup still work fine in the 5.1 install, so it wasn't the upgrade that broke things08:15
jaegerthe affected ones show some 1017 errors and 'can't find file' errors08:15
jaegerI wonder if those got messed up during an upgrade from 4 to 5 or a myisam conversion or something08:16
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frinnstlibpng 1.6 \o/12:57
frinnsteverything will need a rebuild :(12:57
jaegerew :)13:07
frinnstso, 3.1 branch anytime soon? :)13:08
frinnsthm, a simple symlink is probably the only thing required13:10
frinnstugly though13:10
frinnst /usr/lib/ version `PNG15_0' not found (required by /usr/share/qt4/lib/
jaegerforced rebuilds, I guess13:14
jaegerman, lots of old stuff to clean out of this debian install13:41
Romstereasier to make both libpng 1.5 and 1.6 but link to libpng 1.6 for the so symlink and pkg-config just keep the libpng 1.5.x library around13:52
frinnstwill probably keep 1.5 in opt for the time being, its still supported14:20
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