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jaegerRomster: building netpbm I get an extra file, /usr/bin/pamx06:41
jaegerMight be due to something mate-related but it doesn't link against anything unusual06:41
Romsternew files are not an error so not a biggie.06:42
jaegerJust thought I'd mention it in case you care. If you don't no sweat06:43
Romstermight look into it later if i don't forget too.06:43
Romsterpam though not the pam security system stuff?06:43
Romsterman page too?06:43
jaegerjust the executable, no manpage06:45
jaegerand pam as in the netpbm pam, not security pam06:46
Romsteri kninda cheated on my upgrade, i did the iso upgrade then pkgadded built ports from the chroot to avoid te pthread stuff.06:46
jaegerNothing wrong with that06:47
Romsterhaven't rebuilt my kernel yet either...06:47
Romsterbut it was already multilib06:47
jaegerI rebuilt all my libpthread-stubs stuff since I have plenty of horsepower but no reason it couldn't be done other ways06:47
Romsterdo need to bump that later though. couple of revisions old.06:48
jaegerargh... fucked up and deleted my mate updates tree... oh well, can recreate it, will just take some time06:48
Romsterwell it was done on this pc still but i felt like making sure all the important stuff i needed on my system compiled first.06:48
jaeger19 ports, not huge06:49
Romsterhope i didn't contribute to that.06:49
Romsterby taking your concentration06:49
jaegernah, it was just me being dumb06:49
Romsterit happens06:50
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sepenenemy-territory worked fine with mesa3d-32 as dependency08:02
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AmnesiaI used to play enemy territory in the past:D11:29
frinnstme too11:51
jaegerI think I've played it twice :)12:29
jaegerok, one last server to upgrade today, woot12:31
Amnesiaenemy territory Y U NO native 6412:35
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frinnstit was released, when?, 2002?14:01
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