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Romsterany breakage frinnst ?01:07
frinnsthavent tried it much yet04:37
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Romsterupdated but not tested yet locally.05:21
Romsterdo we have some rc global location for loading environment variables for ports? something like /etc/conf.d/05:22
Romsteri'm trying best to figure out where to place variables required for a service in /etc/rc.d/foo so they are loaded before the service gets to run but placing them in the service file seems like a bad idea, and i really don't like souring rc.conf to set the variables in there.05:23
Romsteri suppose i could just use /etc/foo.conf and source that in /etc/rc.d/foo but is there a more elegant solution?05:24
frinnstdo it in /etc/rc.d/foo directly?06:18
frinnstor are there variables that the user need to set and might differ a lot between installs?06:19
frinnst/etc/foo.conf or /usr/etc/foo.conf and then source it in rc.d might be nicer06:19
Romstervariables that the user needs to set else i'd just do it in /etc/rc.d/foo directly.06:38
Romsterhmm /etc is for daemons so /etc is right for this one...06:39
Romsterif it was some user ran port then /usr/etc/06:40
frinnstdbus still uses /usr/etc. it should probably be in /etc06:40
frinnstbut i refuse to move that crap into etc :)06:40
Romsterdbus is tricky it can run system wide or only as a user.06:41
Romsterdbus has to die along with hal.06:41
Romstersurely there is a neater event framework than dbus around to pass stuff between programs and a tray balloon bubble thing.06:42
Romsteractually i wouldn't mind clippy on my desktop going, new port version out, would you like me to rebuild that for you? yes/no. j/k06:44
frinnstdbus isnt going to go away. will probably move into the kernel06:44
Romsterthe paths to freedesktop is just crazy.06:45
Romsteri would prefer a cleaner solution in the kernel, much like inotify is.06:45
frinnstipc :)06:45
Romstershould get prologic to work on that he is the event driven expert :D06:46
frinnsthas anybody written kernel stuff in python before? :D06:46
Romsterprobably not.06:47
Romsteri'm sure he knows C too.06:47
frinnsthehe yeah, just kidding. i know he loves python :)06:47
Romsterack new gtk release...06:51
frinnstoh? no ck4up here06:52
frinnsthm, maybe i just missed it06:53
frinnstthanks ;)06:58
Romsteri'm subscribed on the ML for releases07:00
Romster2am bed time g'night07:02
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prologicWhat's this about me and event driven? :)19:07
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