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teK_frinnst: use NetBSD they have an in-kernel LUA API :>02:15
teK_frinnst: ping?02:57
teK_ah nevermind03:01
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teK_hol`a senor!03:03
sepenhola ;D03:03
teK_how's it going in the south :)03:04
sepenthe sun is out but not hot03:05
teK_in spain that's a going thing isn't it?03:05
teK_gotta reboot doing 2.7 -> 2.8 -> 3.003:08
teK_brb :P03:08
teK_yeah because chromium stopped working on that machine03:21
teK_I upgraded it to v 2503:21
teK_it wouldnt load any website. deleted profile still the some, downgraded to 24, 21 etc delted profile still the same problem03:22
teK_2.7 was so 2011-ish anyway03:22
sepenahh I missed the commit :P03:22
teK_so the upgrade broke zsh and now I can't login03:24
teK_doh :)03:25
sepenuse bin/bash03:25
sepenyour root user should still have /bin/bash, no?03:27
teK_no =)03:27
teK_already fixed that03:27
teK_now everything with libpng broke, that will be a HUGE rebuild :p03:27
teK_even apache (libpcre) broke :D03:28
sepenand note about libungif -> giflib too03:28
teK_oh the setup did not tell me that03:28
sepenI used to read setup-helper before and after the update03:28
teK_I only used setup and setup-chroot to run crux(1)03:28
sepensetup-helper only tells about selected opt ports in the iso03:28
teK_should I go from the original 2.8 to 3.0 without updating anything?03:40
jaegermorning, all03:51
jaegerteK_: that will probably save you time in the end, unless you have 2.8 updates already compiled03:51
teK_just dd'd the iso to my usb media.. we'll see :)03:52
Romstercan't be arsed separating gtk from wicd... plus i haven't bundled a ton of deps that it supposedly depends on.03:58
jue@xorg-team: I'd suggest to update mesa to 9.0.3 and wait with 9.1 for 9.1.104:19
Romsterany reason why?04:24
Romsterthey still have not announced 9.1 on
jue9.0.3 is still the recommed version on
jueand read the last sentence of ->
Romsteryeah but i also see a 9.1 that's not a rc in but probably best to hold off on 9.1 until they announce.04:28
RomsterSome additional fixes have already accumulated, so there will probably be a 9.1.1 release in the next two weeks.04:28
Romsteroh that...04:28
Romsternice catch04:29
Romsteri only see the version bumps not all the other mailing lists they have.04:29
Romstergod damn it i haven't even got the 3.0 branch on xorg yet04:33
Romsterjue, done04:42
Romsterthat's probably the first commit to xorg in quite some time from me.04:43
jaegerjue: no argument here05:00
Romsteri borked gtk-32 md5sum so it seems...05:02
Romsteri thought i fixed that.05:02
jaegerIt happens, at least easy to fix05:03
Romsterdoh i idnd't git add gtk.immodules-3205:03
Romsterguess not many use it so i never heard of any bugs on that.05:05
Romstersorry i haven't been doing alot lately either just not a great deal of spare time.05:06
jaegerI'm guessing teK_ doesn't build vlc in a chroot or safe-crux env :)05:36
jaegerat least with something like vlc it's not that important05:37
Romsterlast time i looked at vlc the source code nearly made me puke.05:38
Romsterbut that was like years ago now.05:38
Romsteri'm too set on xine myself.05:38
Romsterprefer mplayer for net streams though05:39
jaegervlc is definitely kinda a beast but it does play damn near anything05:39
Romsterso does xine with gstreamer05:39
jaegerI've had better luck with vlc over the years than either xine or mplayer, though they all mostly work05:40
Romstercan't remember how i've got so many ports05:40
Romsterliek packrated msot of the audio/video codec stuff.05:41
sepenmplayer rocks05:41
sepen hehe05:44
frinnstnice ;)05:48
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Romsterneed something like that for a few stations.05:55
Romstersleep time later06:20
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sepenjue: thanks for php-sqlite3 ;D08:44
juesepen: np, but shouldn't be much different to the built-in we had with 5.4.11?08:49
sependo you have in mind to merge all these commits to 2.8?09:06
sepenno idea about differences but I'm gonna try on crux-arm.nu09:06
juesepen: sorry, no09:16
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teK_sepen: p5-cairo asks stupid questions (i.e. wont compile automatically) maybe you want to look into it09:40
teK_it requires Extutils::Depends09:41
teK_sepen: exo fails, too, missing:09:52
teK_configure: error: Atleast one of the required Perl modules (URI::Escape, URI::file and URI::URL) was not found on your system09:52
sepensorry I was on phone09:58
sepenteK_: p5-extutils-depends is a dep for p5-cairo, see prt-get deptree p5-cairo10:00
teK_exo still fails bbecause of libpng1.4 wtf10:00
teK_afk + brb10:00
sepen2.7 -> 2.8 -> 3.0?10:20
sepenjue: =======> ERROR: Source file 'extensions.ini' not found10:31
sepenshould be deleted from source=()10:31
jueoops, thanks sepen10:33
sepenI'm building php here on 2.8, do you know about my problems trying to get working pdbcacher on 2.8?10:34
sepenit would be nice to test pdbcacher again with new ports10:35
juesepen: no, didn't noticed your problems10:38
sepenjust tried to setup the same stuff for, I mean pdbcacher/portdb10:41
sepensorry need to go now10:42
sepenI'll return as soons as I can10:42
teK_sepen: p5-extutils-depends is installed11:18
sepenteK_: check the footprint, p5-cairo and p5-extutils-depends must be for the same python version12:02
teK_i.e. update -fr p5-...?12:03
sepenI think you maybe need to update all p5-deps12:03
teK_will do12:06
teK_jaeger: p5-xml-simple has a footprint mismatch12:09
teK_Romster: p5-extutils-depends has a footprint mismatch12:10
jaegerteK_: will take a look, thanks12:38
jaegerwhere is p5-xml-simple these days? heh12:44
teK_heh ;)12:44
jaegeryeah, I'm confused now. which p5-xml-simple are you using?12:45
teK_% pinfo p5-xml-simple12:47
teK_Package 'p5-xml-simple' not found12:47
teK_I have to check tomorrow on the machine in question12:47
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Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/p5-extutils-depends#0.304-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:42
Romsterno footprint mismatch here on 3.013:42
RomsterteK_, ^13:42
pitilloyes, on the root of first partition (vfat)13:44
pitillosorry, wrong window :)13:45
teK_I can post it tomorrow Romster  :)13:45
teK_BUT I checked the git tree on this machine which says perl 5.1613:46
teK_well wtf :)13:46
teK_because I did the same for the machine in question. sorry for the noise.13:46
Romsterah well13:49
Romsteri don't see anything that depends on p5-gtk213:50
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sepenteK_: ooops I said python where should be perl, ;D14:27
teK_I read perl where you said python14:27
teK_we understand blindly14:32
sepena way of cryptography ;D14:33
teK_but fro scripting languages our key space is somewhat limited :>14:37
prologicfro scripting?14:43
teK_but for scripting languages..14:44
teK_don't be so nosy, we're doing crypto stuff!!14:45
sepenjue: pdbcacher now works on 2.8, thanks again15:08
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sepenhmm still the error exists (via pear)
sepenI migrated all pear-sqlite to pure php sqlite3 calls17:00
teK_I did something similar meaningful meanwhile :>17:00
sepenstill I need to implement a better error messages but bit a bit17:01
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