IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-02-28

frinnstbah, btrfs <300:38
frinnstit makes dataloss fun!00:38
teK_it has no dedup functionality yet, hasn't it?00:38
frinnstnot yet, no00:39
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teK_btw why did cruxbot not show my last commit?00:50
teK_(I kknow it was to 2.8)00:51
frinnstyou crashed it!!00:52
frinnstyou evil person00:52
juefrinnst: I've created a new tarball for btrfs-progs, version 20130221, care to test?02:14
frinnsthm, what changed? iirc the git-rss-feed was quite boring02:29
frinnsti wish they would push out the drive-replace patch02:36
frinnstwould make drive changes much more fast02:36
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frinnsti was thinking maybe better to move "btrfs dev scan" out of /etc/rc and maybe do it in an udev rule instead?14:12
frinnstcould be installed with btrfs-utils:
teK_I think that this a good idea15:20
Romsterheds up firefox 19.0.1 is out17:47
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