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juefrinnst: indeed, rc needs some more love ;) maybe we can remove the hardcoded stuff for mdadm/lvm as well? may I ask you to either create a ticket for it or probably add a section to TODO31?01:08
frinnstyeah todo3101:09
jueteK_: please add a ticket for core/filesystem to explicit set the mode of the created files01:10
juefrinnst: yeah, seems better than a ticket01:10
frinnstRomster: seems this is the only change?: Windows 8 only: Fixed stability issue for some AMD Radeon HD graphics cards01:11
Romstercareful with that i use mdadm and lvm on top of mdadm.01:12
Romsterfrinnst, doh i blindly bumped the version and uploaded it to my host for packages...01:13
frinnstRomster: wait, you use md *over* lvm?01:13
frinnstnot the other way around?01:13
Romsterno lvm over mdadm01:13
Romsteri have currently 2 raid1 sets and PVs over them both and some other disks with PVs on them with no raid. all in two VG's01:14
jueRomster: good to know, but our current solution isn't very nice, we should definitely do it a bit smarter01:17
Romsterso i'm nearly at 8TiB now -_-01:17
Romsterwell i'd like to review any such changes and test if it breaks booting before it's done. i really would prefer some way to have a /etc/conf.d directory or something that haes rules like 10-mdadm.conf  20-lvm2.conf to do order of loading. and those files can be in the respected dmadm lvm2 and the cryptoluks packages.01:19
Romstermuch like udev rules have priority. so if anyone has a different setup could just renumber the files if need be.01:20
Romsteralso was it tek that was looking into rc-ng that i was runing in crux 2.8 for a long time but reverted back to stock rc before moving to 2.8 multilib then 3.001:21
teK_s/was/should have/01:21
teK_+hi peeps01:22
Romsterparallel loading services was nice. but the rc-ng in general was not well organized code wise.01:22
Romsterhi teK_01:22
teK_it is quite  some shell coding :)01:22
Romsteryou probably been far too busy to have any timein that.01:22
Romstertime for*01:22
Romsteryeah it sure is.01:22
teK_kinda.. I had to write my bachelor thesis01:22
Romsterreminds me of my crazy shell coding days01:22
jueRomster: have you ever checked if we could do the lvm stuff of /etc/rc with a udev rule?01:24
jueRomster: I have to disagree, rc-ng is written in a very advanced bash style01:26
juebut I've to agree as well that it is too much complicated at all01:26
frinnstin general i really *love* our init01:27
frinnstgranted it might be limited at times01:27
juefrinnst, yeah me too01:27
teK_it does not include a journald >_>01:27
Romsterfunction names were not consistent for one. 2) i had no idea what some of the stuff did.01:27
frinnstpersonally id rather work around those limitation than to extend the init to do everything01:27
juebut the two parts we've added for lvm and btrfs are a bit ...01:28
Romsteralso i'd prefer not relying on bash so heavily, bash is slow why can't we do something that will work with dash or something?01:28
teK_we already have a RedHat udev-rule in use (it's commented out)01:28
teK_maybe we could re-use the ones for dm and lvm, too01:29
Romsterjue, regarding lvm in a udev rule i haven't looked but i'll do some research on that.01:29
Romsterbut all udev stuff will be useless if we move to mdev?01:30
jueif we can remove the btrfs and lvm parts from our /ect/rc I'm pretty happy with it, again ;)01:30
Romsterisn't mdadm in there too.01:30
Romsteroh it auto assembles ?01:30
teK_at least not in /etc/rc  .)01:31
Romstermight be a udev rule for that01:31
frinnstyeah. it does it in udev01:31
frinnstand not very good :)01:31
frinnstwell i guess it does, but i have a custom entry in my rc with my uuids and stuff01:31
Romsterwhy not very good it's always worked for me01:31
frinnstotherwise it breaks01:31
frinnstit did when i ran with hot spares atleast01:32
frinnstthese days i dont01:32 has a mdadm service file01:32
frinnsthm, isnt that a bit late for mount?01:32
RomsterI'll probably move away from mdadm. On this pc at least.01:32
Romsterover time.01:32
teK_frinnst: checking01:32
frinnstnoauto or something in fstab?01:33
teK_it's monitoring only01:33
frinnstah, yeah i do that too01:33
Romsterfires emails off when something borkes01:33
frinnstbut in rc.local01:34
Romsteri really haven't got time to do much heavy crux stuff, i'm working this weekend with bands again doing the sound system. then work during the week, got a wedding and bucks party to organize i'm one of the grooms.01:35
Romsteri have a ton of other on the side jobs too.01:35 has iptables rules to block windows network traffic01:35
Romsterand you want to remove lvm2 stuff out of rc. can it wait until next month?01:36
frinnstRomster: for 3.101:36
Romsteroh that's some time away i hope01:36
Romsteri'll need time to research and test.01:37
teK_Romster: do you happen to use cmus?01:48
teK_it uses ffmpeg for wma files and I only  get noise when playing them01:48
teK_no problem while using mplayer, though01:54
Romsteronly if i depend on it.02:14
Romsternope not even installed.02:15
RomsterteK_, try linkign it with ffmpeg-compat details in it's README02:15
Romsteri don't think i got any wma files to test with.02:22
teK_a friend gave me plenty...02:23
Romsteri use either mp3 or flac02:24
teK_downgrading to 0.10.6 helped02:30
jueteK_: lftp gives a 40402:43
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teK_jue: ports -u && retry03:05
jueteK_: thanks03:11
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juejust added a ticket for core/groff to our FS, please comment08:30
juestumbled over the issue because I suddenly lost my footer lines in my letters ;)08:33
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Romsteryou would also need to update the handbook on configuring too.15:21
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