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teK_pitillo: I just built cairo, gdk-pixbuf and chromium without qt4 installed in a chroot and added the three ports to my livesystem.. still red areas all over the tab-bar in chromium01:55
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pitilloteK_: here I'm using Romster's chromium package... I can't rebuild it here on the laptop. No problem with the older version03:22
Romsteri don't know why that's happened i've built it in a clean chroot.03:25
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teK_the bug report from gentoo says it's nvidia-specific, too03:40
teK_this bug sucks huge time03:40
frinnstlibpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.2.45 but running with 1.5.1403:43
frinnstchromium uses an internal libpng?03:43
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teK_frinnst: yes03:50
frinnstpossible to buidl with system libpng?03:53
teK_how is this going to help?04:09
teK_the bug report claims that:04:09
teK_The problem is with gtk not recognizing .png as a png image because x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf segmentation faults because x11-libs/cairo has a bug when compiled with qt4 support.04:09
teK_although the linked gentoo bug ( claims build failure which  is not the problem04:10
teK_ also implies that chromium is out of scope wrt solving this issue04:13
teK_but as I said, building cairo and gdk-pixbuf in a fresh chroot did not help a bit04:13
Romsterso whos fault is that bug?04:38
teK_so gdk-pixbuf from the ISO won't fix a thing either04:40
Romsteri'm confused what port is at fault.04:42
Romsterpng cairo gtk pixbuf which one.04:42
Romsterhmm do you run vdpau as well?04:43
Romsteri have a green line at the bottom of my xine-ui screen gui window but it's not there during video playback might be related?04:43
teK_libvdpau 0.6-104:45
teK_vdpau-video 0.7.3-104:45
teK_is what I have I don't remember if there's something I had to set up04:45
Romsteryour not using libva-vdpau-driver for nvidia?04:47
teK_it's not installed no04:48
Romsteri don't see any vdpau-video in ports.04:48
Romsteroh vdpau-video is in 2.7.104:50
RomsterVDPAU back-end for NVIDIA and VIA chipsets04:50
Romsteri thnk that's the old driver teK_04:51
Romstergot renamed to libva-vdpau-driver for the nvidia one.04:51
Romsterintel uses intel-driver04:52
teK_yeah removed it already04:53
Romsterso your not using acceleration, you must of noticed your cpu being used more.04:55
teK_45% 1 core for 720p04:57
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teK_cpu is down to 20% with vdpau05:13
teK_but well.. that's not the point :P05:13
Romsterwouldn't mind knowing what is brokein in what port.05:19
Romsterif i can compile chromium some with some other options let me know05:20
teK_yeah thanks05:21
jaegeryay, fixed that annoying routing issue with 10GbE NICs on a different subnet05:22
Romsterput them on the same subnet?05:23
jaegerno :P that's not a solution, heh05:23
Romsteriproute table and mark packets with netfitler05:24
jaegerYou use netfilter's policy-based routing to set up multiple default routes05:24
Romsteri haven't had to do that yet but i read about it and seen a bunch of examples. google up multi homing for a few examples.05:25
jaegerIt's already fixed05:25
jaegerJust been on the back burner for ages05:25
frinnstI see artifacts too, as does pitillo05:49
teK_I added gtk, pixbuf  cairo and libpng from the iso, chromium still b0rked05:51
teK_mine are worse :P05:54
frinnstbut i see exactly the same artefact on two machines05:55
frinnstdo you always have that red crap in the tabs? or does it come and go between versions?05:55
teK_it appeard after 2.7 -> 2.8 -> 3.0 upgrade05:56
frinnstso, since 2.7?05:57
frinnstasdf, 2.805:57
teK_I did this in 'one' shot05:58
teK_some days ago05:58
jaegerewww, that's nasty06:03
frinnstgreat. microsoft has removed server 2003 from their volume licensing center. I need it for a customer :(06:04
teK_+ rmdir /tmp/mkvtoolnix-work/pkg/usr/share06:29
teK_rmdir: failed to remove '/tmp/mkvtoolnix-work/pkg/usr/share': Directory not empty06:29
teK_any way before that you do rm -r /usr/share/locale ;)06:41
teK_vbox_build_module  has been 'broken' forme for some time because it only cd'd into /opt/VirtualBox/src/ before running make but it has to cd to /opt/VirtualBox/src/vboxhost ; was thatchanged with the last update?07:26
teK_this was true for at least virtualbox-bin but it's a file coming from oracle so this should be true for virtualbox, too07:27
sepenwhich file? vboxdrv?07:29
teK_no the script07:29
teK_vbox_build_module is supposed to install the modules after kernelupdates I suppose07:29
teK_okay nevermind07:30
teK_I assumed both OSE and binary version shared the script07:30
teK_better would have looked that up07:31
sepenI used to run make from /usr/share/virtualbox/bin/src07:32
sepennote about prt-get readme virtualbox07:32
teK_well it's a convenience function soeither way has advantages :-)07:37
teK_anyway you're the wrong guy to bug about this07:37
teK_% virtualbox07:40
teK_./VirtualBox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:40
teK_screw it :P07:40
juejaeger: you've seen ticket #895?07:44
jaegerI'll go look at it. Haven't had much time to check them recently07:46
jaegerAn external input appeals more to me than hard-coding it in the Pkgfile, definitely. Maybe even define things like that in rc.conf?07:48
jaegeractually, since it isn't realted to rc, maybe something like /etc/environment07:48
juedefining it in rc.conf sounds nice, but everything other than a simple file would mean some kind of processing, no sure if it's worth the effort07:52
jaegerwell, if it's defined once somewhere centrally, groff's Pkgfile can pick that up at build-time07:58
jaegersort of a combination of the patch attached to the bug report and the centralized file option07:58
juehmm, my idea was the other way around, to define it at run- and not at build-time08:00
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jaegerNo strong feeling about it, honestly.08:03
jaegerI'd be fine with something like /etc/pagesize, even, as long as we document it well enough08:03
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juejaeger: you mean a README?08:06
jaegerA README or in the handbook or something08:06
jueok, I'll add a README for now08:08
jueI'd suggest to keep 'letter' as our default, for two reason: a) our groff from the ISO has it and b) it's the default if groff's configure cannot find something useful at buildtime08:10
jaegerOk, seems reasonable to me08:10
jueeven though most people would be happier with a4 ;)08:11
sepenjue: mupdf 1.2 is available09:59
juesepen: thanks, missed the new release10:46
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teK_a4 > letter11:03
jaegeryeesh, 20 load on a user's fedora 14 box11:25
jaegerIt wasn't even anything she was doing, it was my boss' user failing something11:25
jaegerpk-command-not-found eating CPU, guess that's a known issue11:26
jaegerFedora 14's quite old so I shouldn't be surprised, but can't upgrade it yet11:26
jaegeractually I doubt that fedora 14 -> 18 is even a feasible upgrade path since so many things have changed11:28
jaegergnome 3, systemd, default base UIDs, etc.11:28
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Amnesiahm folks12:01
AmnesiaI'm trying to "burn in" my new laptop12:01
Amnesiabut running 20 instances of "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null" doesn't do the job o012:01
Amnesiaaren't getting temperatures higher as 51 degrees celsius12:02
Amnesiahow the fsck 's that possible?12:02
Amnesia ?12:04
Amnesiathat's my only guess..12:04
jaegerNo idea there... try cpustress or cpu burnin, maybe12:04
Amnesiahm ty12:06
RomsterAmnesia, get hirens boot cd boot up mini windows xp and run prime9513:42
Amnesialol hirens bootcd13:42
Amnesiadoes that still exist^^13:42
AmnesiaI'm currently running prime9513:43
Amnesia60 degrees celsius13:43
Amnesiaso thats better:)13:43
Romsteryep it still exists13:51
Romsterdid you pick the high cpu load option it's not the default.13:51
Romster60C on a laptop is not bad.13:52
Romsteralso depends if you got a quiet mode on your cpu fan keeps the tempature higher but more constant.13:52
Romsterin BIOS13:52
AmnesiaRomster: yep13:54
Amnesiamy previous laptop reached 80~ on extreme high loads13:54
Amnesia60~ seems to be the max for this one13:55
Romster80 is leg burning13:55
Amnesiawell the cpu was 80 ofc13:55
Amnesiathe casing wasn't13:55
Romsterah k usually it transfers to the bottom of the case if given enough time13:56
Romsterif it's been around for awhile air compressor the heatsink backwards to clear out dust too.13:56
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Amnesiaobviously I did that:p13:57
Amnesiabut I'm running this stresstest now to burn stuff in13:57
Romsterjaeger, can you bump gtk-32 i gotta get to work, or ic an do it at my lunch time13:57
Amnesiacause quite frequently strange my new laptop unleashes strange smells13:57
Romsterwell some forget too, and soemtimes the thermal transfer compund is also shot and needs reapplying.13:57
jaegerI can do it soon, probably13:58
Romsteri can do it in 3 hours if you haven't got time13:58
sepenAmnesia: (Note on #crux-devel)13:59
jaegerI might get to it before then, not sure13:59
Amnesiasepen: no chitchat:)13:59
sepenAmnesia: save lines to devels when reading the backlog13:59
Amnesiaah k, I'll continue my bs @ #crux^^14:00
Romstergood idea unless it's dev related14:00
Romsterthough we tend ot chat a little in here sometimes14:00
Romsterps see timcowchip does not even read the hand book sigh -_-14:03
RomsterteK_, building but if oyu got a paste of what files are left behind that would help and finddeps on that port14:03
teK_I can tomorrow but I suggest yousimply have it delete with rm -r instead of rmdiring it14:05
frinnstdear god the backlog14:33
jaegerFinally taking some time to play with jenkins CI, pretty neat14:49
Romsteri do rmdir for a reason to catch new files not going unnoticed, i hate using force it turns around to bite me in the arse later on17:25
Romsterclean chroot it doesn't fail.17:26
Romstertesting if it's not wxwidgets or qt17:28
Romsterfrinnst, wuss :P17:29
jaegeron my intel card I do see that weird black rectangle in chromium but there's no red on the tabs at least18:17
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teK_I updated gtk and chromium on my intel notebook the other day et voila.. red areas all over chromium, too22:59
frinnstlol, how?23:36
frinnsttry running it under a different user. i suspect chromium looks for your uid23:37
teK_groff.log iptables.log libassuan.log openldap.log git.log gtk.log chromium.log23:42
teK_that's what I rebuilt23:42
teK_BUT before that I installed vdpau stuff23:42
teK_yeah we ran out of warm water and I'm waiting for it to return and now the landlady is showering, thanks MA'AM23:46
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