IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-03-05

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Romstermissed one jaeger gdk-pixbuf-32 2.26.4 - gdk-pixbuf 2.26.503:31
RomsterteK_, fixed mkvtoolnix03:35
Romstergdk-pixbuf-32 bumped04:04
jaegerI didn't miss it, just got tired :)05:02
horrorStruckfrinnst: are you using glibc 2.17 if i may ask?05:09
frinnstnot at the moment05:14
frinnstdid play around with it a bit05:14
frinnstupgrading is no problem. downgrading will lead to breakage - if you feel adventurous :)05:15
Romsterah jaeger that's ok. i got too that.05:18
Romsternot so bad to downgrade build all your packages for the current glibc port.... keep them in a safe spot, try newer glibc etc if it goes asplodie.... boot off the crux cd pkgadd -r ... the ports you backed up before on old system.05:19
horrorStruckfrinnst: ok thanks, i'm using it without too much problems, just wanted a confirmation on some httpup issue. but it's a binutils problem in fact05:20
frinnstRomster: or just do a btrfs snapshot :)05:21
jaegerDid we make any decision on that rsync issue the other day?05:57
teK_yeah I did :p05:59
teK_or what do you mean05:59
teK_ah probably not the backup issues..05:59
jaegerI don't remember now what the issue was, exactly, I'll have to review logs05:59
jaegerSomething about the ports trees05:59
jaegerI think sepen wanted to change a hook06:00
Romsteri think pittallo hit a issue on temp directory location on both 2.8 and 3.0 branches. and adding a pidfile to the temp directory wuld prevent that.06:07
Romsterwhen someone pushed to 2.8 at the same time as him on 3.006:08
jaegerIt would help part of the problem but not the removal of the old one06:08
jaegerthat could still happen concurrently06:08
Romsterthere ally is no way to keep old directory until ports -u is done with rsync to then use the new directory06:08
Romsterunless one patched rsync to make a shadow copy of the directory for every rsync operation. then destroyed it when done transferring.06:09
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RomsterAmnesia, fixed.18:01
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AmnesiaRomster: that's a shitload of databases being used o0^^23:37
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frinnstHey kids! Here's the 1.14 X server release; the last couple of weeks23:53
frinnstyielded a couple of useful bug fixes, but nothing that earth23:53

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