IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-03-06

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Romsteroh that just happened now... i looked awhile ago at my emails.00:13
Romster 503 service unavailable the fuck00:14
Romsterhow am i supposed to download it00:15
Romsterit'll have to raid frinnst 50300:16
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Romsterstill 50301:04
Romstergreat and my hvlinux server is being relocated aswell....01:08
frinnstis it a physical colocation server?01:12
Romsterdedicated server in luxembourg01:23
Romsterisp has built a new datacenter and is relocating everything... so i'm fucked fro tonight todo anything on that side.01:23
frinnstisnt a vm a lot cheaper? also much more flexible. they could move it across the world without downtime01:33
frinnstbut physical hardware is a lot more fun :)01:34
frinnstfootprint for gdk-pixbuf-32 seems to be for the old version01:46
Romstercan't i do anything right01:48
frinnsthehe, no worries01:49
Romsterfirst i miss the queryloaders on gtk-32 then i miss the footprint on that.01:51
Romsterto answer your question frinnst02:01
RomsterGuest1048> hm well i have my server virtualised with linux vserver02:01
Romster<Guest1048> i have various things on host that cannot run as guests02:01
Romsteri could convert my stuff on vserver for running crux, debating if i should do that or not.02:01
frinnstnever used vserver02:04
frinnstpedja: are you still maintaining virtualbox-bin ?04:29
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pedjafrinnst: virtualbox-bin never made it to 3.0 ports, afaict.feel free to take it.06:44
frinnstyes it did :)06:46
frinnstno, sorry06:46
frinnstold dir06:47
frinnsthm, what differs between the versions i wonder06:47
teK_-bin and OSE? USB pass through is not available for OSE, e.g.06:49
frinnstyeah but is that all?06:49
teK_there are more addons but I don't kknow if you require you to run the binary version06:50
frinnst./VirtualBox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:21
teK_I had that too07:22
teK_the .so files are 64bit ;)07:22
frinnstworks if I sudo07:22
teK_after that I removed -bin and installed ose from contrib07:22
frinnstthis is ose07:22
frinnstjust removed -bin07:22
teK_hm don't remember quite well then :p07:22
teK_why use vbox anyway?07:23
teK_I heard qemu is well maintained :->07:23
frinnstsmoothish integration with the host fs07:23
frinnsti dont want to run a smb server just for that .)07:23
Amnesiafrinnst: use netcat:)10:39
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Romsternow that download for xorg-server-1.14.0.tar.bz2 works fu freedesktop.... now i'm off to work14:00
Romsterwanted to test that /last/night14:00
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